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Another cloudy day over Granada in early May 2008.

My foot ulcer is getting better - it is still deep but the hole has got smaller and the tenderness is diminishing, as well as the swelling.  Today again I hobble to school.

Every morning I grab a copy of the free give away paper.  A guy stands on the bridge on my way to school and flings them out to all the pedestrians.  It is called 20minutos, but is an excellent for free.  They have a web-site too.  The paper says that 1,300 locals in the city discover they have allergies every year due to the changes in the way of life for Spainards and due to the increase of pollen from the increased production of olives and wheat in the nearby provinces.

There is a story of a bombing of a police man, ETA have claimed responsibility.  It occupies the news and I email home to let family know that it happened miles away in the north and that there is nothing to worry about.

The weather is still a talking point with the locals as it it is cloudy and cool (only 20).  I feel funny to also be saying that 20 is cool.

My class is still fun and I enjoy getting confused with so many ways to talk about things that happened in the past.  But my teachers reckon that for beginners it is one of the hardest things to learn.

For my conversation class we talk about holidays and Christmas in our own countries.  As all the others are from the northern hemisphere they all express amazement that it is summer for christmas and that we go to the beach and have BBQ's.  I am learning that part of this trip is learning about others perceptions.

I hobble home for another great lunch with Josefa - I like the soup broth with short noodles, and the vegetable stew is a real favourite of mine.



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Another cloudy day over Granada in…
Another cloudy day over Granada i…
photo by: Chokk