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From my apartment you just see the end of the Alhambra - very lucky!

A bit tired and confused after my trip - I make a few mistakes.

My flight from Madrid to Granada was very peaceful.  We landed at the airport and and walked about 400 metres on the concrete to a shed where we were to wait for the luggage to come in.  We could not go out past the police until we have our luggage.  We sit down and see the computer screen say that our luggage is coming in on belt 1.  We wait for 15 minutes and the belt is not moving but the sign has disappeared. Then a flight from Barcelona arrives.  The people herd into the shed.  They wait 15 minutes then the sign that belt 2 has their luggage.  Everyone goes to that belt only the people from Barcelona get their luggage.  Those of us from the Madrid flight wait another 30 minutes.  Then an offical lady calls on the walkie-talkie.  A guy wanders in 5 minutes later and looks at the belt then walks out.  The belt starts straight away and the luggage comes in.  Now I can find my home in Granada.

The taxi driver speaks a bit of English and tells me that my area is very safe and that I can walk home safely late at night and that the people are very nice.  He drops me off after a 20 minute drive down the street.  Outside a sign that says 8,10,12.  My form says I am staying with Josefa and Andres in Calle ... 8 3ºC.  Which is difficult to decipher but means number 8 in the street, third floor apartment C.  I see before me 3 apartment blocks down in a hollow connected together.  Their is a ramp and a set of steps down.  I do not know how to find the apartment so as I walk down the ramp a lady and her daughter are walking behind me.  My Spanish is not up to asking the exact question I want so I point to the address on the form and she points to the left.  I walk over to the locked door and press the intercomm button for 3ºC.  There is no answer.  I press a few more times over 5 minutes.  No response.  Oh well maybe it does not work or they are out.  The bar by the door seems busy perhaps they are in there.  Just then a teenage girl and her younger sister open the door and invite me in.  I walk in then they race off out the door.  I figure out which set of stairs to walk up and head up to the 3rd floor.  There does not seem to be a light on in either 3C or 3D but I press the door bell.  No answer.  Oh well I will wait here.  It is cool but I have a warm top and they should be home soon.  I was expected at 7.30pm I had said it is still light and it is 7.15pm.  They may be home soon.  The stairwell light goes out.  The lift goes up and down a few times but all silence, although I can hear movement in the other stairwell.  I am starting to get tired and drift off to sleep as I sit on the stairs.  I wake up and it is dark the apartment has not stirred and it about 10pm.  I am getting worried will I have to stay here all night what about going to the toilet and I have not heard anybody.  I do not speak spanish with any sense, I do not know where a hotel is to stay.  I know how to find the school, roughly, in the morning but it will be a long wait until then.  I decide that I must do something.  I carry my bags down the stairs again and meet a man coming through the locked door.  I point out the address and he points acroos the courtyard to another building.  OOOH!  I was in the wrong building.  My tension drops.  I buzz the intercomm for the other building.  A worried voice answers and buzzes me up.  She greets me (the lady of the house, Josefa) on the ground floor as I take the wrong stairwell again.  Gestures for me to come up quickly and get some food.  After our greetings and me only understanding the sign language I am feed and quarted for the night to my great relief.

I have arrived!

santafeclau says:
Hey Michael:

The episode of the airport, it's typical spanish! I'm so sorry. Well, I'll keep on reading!
Posted on: Oct 02, 2008
azsalsa says:
That's a rather tense way to start your adventure! I'm sure it will only get better!
Posted on: Sep 24, 2008
nanipu says:
This is the first entry I read in this blog. I suppose it is the latest blog you added on here. I'll read the others. =) I think I learned that the addresses and the street number in Spain is on the opposite side. I like reading other people's blogs especially those who traveled in Spain. =)
Posted on: Sep 12, 2008
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From my apartment you just see the…
From my apartment you just see th…
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