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Entrance to the Don Quijote Language School in Granada

As it is expensive to learn at a school I am determined to get my money's worth from this trip.  But it is worth it as learning in New Zealand outside of a Spanish speaking environment just does not compare.  That of course does mean I quickly developed any great sense of fluency - my fault not the teachers.  I found it hard to say things in the shops and relied a bit on signs and rudimentary words but I can get the idea across. 

Today and for the next days we will have rain and thunderstorms not heavy but it is cooler at 20 degrees.  The locals say it has been "un poco loco".  Not normal at all.  The other days have been in the high 20´s with little wind and clear skies.  You do not feel the heat in the same way as it is drier.

The outside of my classroom.
  It does wonders for the skin.
I have two groups to have class with.  I am doing the super-intensive course which is 6 hours per day 1 hour of homework and an optional 1 hour culture class.  Very full on.  My four hour class is the advanced beginners level.    But I am 4 days in a getting better every day.  A bit of time adjustment, culture overload and a summer head cold have made the week challenging; hey I can handle it.  The second class has another group a combination of my level and the next level up from me and we focus on a single subject then learn some new words, and have to speak about the subject as there are only 4 or 5 of us it is quite intense and you cannot escape.
But I struggle with the class work and then outside of the school there is the Andaluz acent which says the words all differently.  It is hard enough to learn without all these changes.  But hey I have always loved a challenge.

So far I have not ventured far.  I will do that in future weeks as I am recovering from some big nasty blisters on my feet which is slowing me up a bit and I have caught a cold and despite all this I am happy and very glad that I came.


Koralifix says:
Yes, learning and improving language skills away from school can be a bit more challenging but also more fun at the same time ...
Posted on: Feb 18, 2009
santafeclau says:
Andalusian accent! That's a trouble! I can't understand them either. You have choosen the most difficult place to learn spanish but as you said, it is a challenge!

Posted on: Oct 02, 2008
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Entrance to the Don Quijote Langua…
Entrance to the Don Quijote Langu…
The outside of my classroom.
The outside of my classroom.
photo by: Chokk