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This entry, unfortunately, contains no pics because, as those who read the previous entry will know, my camera was unusable through being so wet. However, I can tell you what any photographs would have shown: huge platefuls of food.

I had been deposited back at the Campanile Hotel by Wendy, who was to collect me again forty minutes later - I was the only one left there, and so there was no-one from whom I could hitch a lift. Forty minutes was, I thought, just long enough to have a nice hot bath to soak off all the spray, for I had literally been soaked to the skin - you could wring water out of my underwear. Unfortunately, this was the one occasion on which the Campanile failed me, because there was no hot water! Whether dozens of guests had run baths all at the same time I don't know, but I had to make do with water on the borderline between cold and tepid. I did, however, have a complete change of clothes, including new jeans that I had bought in Minneapolis four years ago but never got around to wearing (they turn out to be the most comfortable and best fitting pair I've ever had), and a brand new pair of Reeboks emblazoned with a tasteful little Union Jack.

Wendy, when she collected me, was euphoric because she had found her driving licence! All the weekend she had been driving in a worrying state of semi-illegality, having mislaid her licence the day before we all arrived. It turned out to have been in her bag all the time - she just hadn't looked properly. Women! In this excited state we drove back to her apartment, right in the heart of Leeuwarden, where she has a parking space, lucky girl. From there we walked to El Pacho, a Mexican and Argentinian restaurant which Wendy holds in high regard, and which was a contender for the pre-meet-up dinner on Friday. After the arrival of the Eden Oranje crew there were about a dozen of us, and there is little to say except that we all had a thoroughly good time. My meal was truly excellent and everything was presented in quantities which I haven't seen since I don't know when. And I am proud to report that not only was I the only TB to finish with a clean plate, but I also managed a large slice of jummie chocolate cake afterwards. Strangely enough, the dessert menu gave Matt and I another opportunity to indulge in infantile humour at the expense of the Dutch language, for we discovered the apparent bargain: Slagroom, 3 euros. After a careful explanation to the Dutchies of the meaning that this word conveys to any half-witted English schoolchild, even they had to admit that it was pretty funny. What it actually referred to was whipped cream! Of course, I had to have some with my chocolate cake.

After the meal, some of the party called it a day, but Wendy seemed so enamoured of the company of the rest of us that she invited us around to her apartment for drinks - there was rather a lot left over from the afternoon. We had a very pleasant couple of hours chatting, and I renewed my acquaintance with Berenberger. Eventually, however, both Matt and I, being Englishmen abroad, demanded tea, much to the amusement of the others; and I finished up drinking a pint of water, to stave off a hangover on the morrow. Shortly after midnight there was a general consensus that we should let Wendy get to bed: we left on foot, and I had a pleasant and refreshing, if somewhat damp, walk back to the Campanile feeling a little sad that the morning was to be the morning of my last day in Leeuwarden, at least for the present.
-amy says:
I get those weird looks too - what, milk in your tea!?
Posted on: Aug 21, 2008
londonstudent says:
I didn't buy them because I'm patriotic (though I am) but because they were reduced from £40 to £10 in a sale and were my size :P
I don't think my choc cake had chilli. Should it have done for that authentic Mexican touch? If I had found any I would have assumed that it was there by mistake due to sloppy work in the kitchen!
Yes, I did take milk, and yes, people did laugh! Or not so much laugh as look disbelieving, as if I were ruining an otherwise perfectly good drink. They claimed it made the tea cold, as well! What nonsense ...
Posted on: Aug 20, 2008
-amy says:
Oh no...you have shoes with the Union Jack on them? How Patriotic:P

Mexican food though....its my favourite kind of food!! Did your chocolate cake have like..chilli in it or anything? I'm just curious :)

And your tea! Did you drink it with milk? And if so did anyone laugh at you? Whenever I am in Holland I'm frequently laughed at for drinking milk with my tea :S
Posted on: Aug 20, 2008
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