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Well... im back here, costa rica. And well i am quite glad to be back, i just seemed to miss this place so much! We left Nicaragua on monday 30th...... it was quite a short bus trip, i think all together it took around 8 hours, and usually taking 9 hours so i was very glad of that. We was up at 4 am!!!! well i was, i then had to wait half hour for my friend to wake up, i didnt really sleep that well that night knowing that i had to get up at 4 ergh!!! Well anyway luckily i had already packed my bag the night before so i didnt have to wake the whole room up! I got myself to the reception in good time to pay... so i got my cordobas all ready to pay, payed... then the man said i now owe him another 70 cordobas, so i give him 100 and then he gives me 70 back.... hmm im guessing he was not so good with his maths but any hoo i was not complaining!! Then my friend pays for her nights but notices she has also been charged for about 4 breakfasts. Now this realyl made me angry as i didnt liek this place as it was and to be over charged for something she did not even have!! well...... i was annoyed!
But by the time we even noticed we was down the dark road walking to the bus stop and to be quite frank i was too scared to look back as it was dark and every now and then i would see a homeless person peak its head out of a box, so i just kept my head forward and walked!!
We got there in great time i think it took us about.. well probably 20 minutes! so we expected a hour wait! wierd as we was te only ones waiting there... whys that im thinking, also wondering if we had miss heard the lady and should be sitting at anouther bus stop somewhere! But i was glad to see a taxi turn up with a few  people getting out with their suitcases..... phew... we was in the right place!
The doors didnt open up till half six! well what a joke we been here since five!!! so we filled out our imigration forms, and then waited another half hour for the bus!!! The bus though was on time, so i coundnt say much! We hopped on that busand then we was off...
It wasnt long then we was at immigration, which this time round was a bit longer, obviously the costa ricans are more carefull who they let in! Then back on the bus, i liek these busses and all as they are comfortable but why is it that im always behind someone who thinks its fair to decline their chair right back so i have no room to put my knees!! grr....
Well we knew we was in Costa rica again as it was now cloudy and a bit gloomy but hey who was complaining i was now fed up of the sun beating down on my back all day long! i was relieved to have some cool weather! When we finally reached the stop we got our bags and made our way to costa rica backpackers..... i really think i have got the hang of this bag! i can actually carry it now without strain... am i getting stronger... or is it to do with all those clothes i threw away the other day.. hmmm.
We asked for a double room only to be told they have none!! WHAT!!! nooo we need sleep! I dont think i could put up with any more snorring please say you have a room! and amazingly enough she did! room 14 on the key so happyly we got to our room! Thats better we thought only then to realize we had been again over charged by another $10!! It was nout our day!
Any way we have now sorted out our ticket to peru and also off to Panama on sunday! Yay.... im really looking forward to getting to Peru now!
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photo by: Paulovic