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I visited Vienna last december, in the days between Christmas and New Years Eve. A great period to visit the city I think. In the city were lots of Christmas trees and the city was beautifully lightned. It was very cold like it should be in this period of year and like you expact in a city like this. It really increased the atmosphere. First thing we did after we arrived and dropped our luggage at the hotel was visiting café Sacher. My boyfriend is half Austrian so eating Sachertorte was a must! We had to wait over half an hour to get a table but it was worth it. Even though my boyfriend's opinion was that his grandmothers torte was better, we ate a really nice original Sacher torte. The café isn't a nice place at all so this was a first and last visit. We went to see the St Stephansdom which is really nice but crowded as well. For that reason we liked the Karlskirche better. There was just one obstacle i didn't expect... They were renovating the frescos in the dome and you could see these frescos closely after climbing a scaffolding. I'm not afraid of hights but this was really high, but was scared me the most was that when i was half way, there was a sign on the scaffolding saying 'DANGER FOR LIFE'. I stood there like if i were frozen. Unbeleiveble. But i got a really good and long view of those frescos! You can imagine that i was glad to be down again. After relaxing a bit with a hot chocolate we went visiting the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Like i mentionned in my profile, i really like art so this visit was great for me! The museum itself was already art but the paintings inside were also incredible. There was a temporary exhibition of Titian that i really liked. In the evening we had dinner in a nice Italian restaurant. Normally we try to eat in a local restaurant but we couldn't find a nice one and we love Italian food so this was a good solution. The next day we went visiting Belvedere. I really liked the buildings and gardens but it was just so cold that i wanted to go inside somewhere as soon as possible. I think we didn't do that soon enough because i got very ill that day. Later i even got a sore throat so we went back to the hotel and i had to be in bed and stayed there for 36 hours unfortunatly :(  Our last day in Vienna i felt a little bit better and i really wanted to get out of my bed and enjoy the city so we visited Schonbrunn which i really liked. Even thought it's very crowded, it's wonderfull. I think it's very much like the caste in Versaille near Paris. Even the gardens looked the same. But it's unbeleiveble how richly Schonbrun furnished. So nice! In the evening we had to leave Vienna already. It was a short trip and i was in bed almost half the time but i really loved the city. I can recommend this city to you!

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photo by: hellenica