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Ponte Rialto
Everybody loves Venice and so do i. So we decided to go to Venice after our cultural visit to Florence. Because Venice was a little expensive and because we wanted to go to the beach a few times as well we booked a hotel in Lido di Jesolo. Lido di Jesolo is a village 45 minutes from Venice but it's very nice. It has the largest pedestrian area in Europe with lots of nice shops, bars and restaurant so it's a very fun place, especially in the evenings. Our hotel was very nice as well, with nice rooms with sea view, a nice pool and not very expensive (if you want to know details about it, check my review!). We asked the receptionist what the best way was to go to Venice.
She told us we could drive to a small harbour 20 minutes away from the hotel and from there we could go to Venice by boat. Normally i don't like boats because i get sea sick all the time but she convinced us that this was by far the best way because you can't park your car anywhere etc. All right then, we go by boat and so we did the next day. After 5 minutes i was looking green on the boat but fortunately i didn't have to throw up. After 20 minutes we could see Venice and i have to tell you, it's beautiful to enter the city by boat. It's better then the long road you have to drive when you go by car (we did that a few years ago). We got of the at the Saint Mark square and because it was very crowded there, we passed the square for that moment. We reached the Rialto bridge and enjoyed the view from there.
DHL boats were unloading there shipment and at that moment i realised that every simple thing have to be brought by the city by boat. It's actually really weird. One sailor had a dog and i was wondering where that dog has to do his needs... After seeing other people work, we slandered to the Galleria dell Academia where we spend a few hours. Unbeleiveble how quiet it is in that museum while it's so crowded on the Rialto Bridge and Saint Marks square. We enjoyed the art and the silence and we decided that we had to visit Saint Marks cathedral even though it was really busy. We visited the churches we passed walking to Saint Marks square and then we finally entered that church. I thought it was really impressive, all those mosaics. The palace of the dukes was impressive as well. It was fun to walk into the prison and the bridge of sighs. Especially because you know that on the outside lots of people are looking at the bridge. At the end of the day we had a few Aperol sodas and proseccos before we got on our boat back again. Of course i got sick again but after a few Aperols in a bar in Lido di Jesolo, i felt better again. Aperols always make me feel better :)
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Ponte Rialto
Ponte Rialto
photo by: asturjimmy