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To be very honest with you, i didn't like this city so much. I know it's unbeleive because i love every other corner of Italy i've seen, but this is not my kind of city. I know, the weather didn't really helped me because when we got there, it rained. It reminded me more of home then of Italy because during the whole trip, the sun was shining. But hey, we don't let rain ruin our day so we went to the city center, indeed to the Duomo and the Galleria Victor Emmanuel II. The Duomo is really nice and incredibly huge. The ammount of statues on top of the church is also very impressive but when you've seen it, you're done there. There are no cafes, bars or restaurants on the square where you can have a drink and enjoy the square. So we went to see the Galleria Victor Emmanuel II.
What i knew about it was that all fancy shops were located here and some were indeed but half of the shops were empty! So you're done there in a short time as well. We had a burger and decided to visit some other attractions in the city like the Scala. That was a dissapointment as well. The building isn't very beautiful on the outside. I suppose it is on the inside but there wasn't a possibility to see it inside. We decided to have dinner and to relax in the evening with a drink. But this wasn't easy at all. In all other Italian places there are lots of nice restaurants where you can have dinner outside but in Milan, you won't find a lot of these places. We found one but it wasn't really what we expected. No problem, there was another day in Milan left to make right the first day. We started in the Santa Maria della Grazie. The church is beautiful, especially when you keep in mind that parts of the church were bombed in World War II. But of course you're there to see the monestry because there is the famous last supper of Da Vinci. It's incredible that this artwork survived the bombings. But don't expect to see this artwork undamaged. Parts of the fresco have been removed because they wanted to have a door in the wall of the freso. Can you imagine? After this visit we also wanted to see the oldest church of Milan but unfortunately that was closed. Because we didn't know what elso to do we bought a ticket for the Hop on - hop off bus. I know, that's horrible. Especially when you don't really get to see nice things. We didn't really plan to see more museums because we already had seen a lot of them in this trip. But because we didn't know what else to do we decided to go the the Pinoteca di Brera. And i must say, that's a beautiful museum. The school of art is also in that building so there are a lot of young people there and in the neighbourhood. So we enjoyed the museum and had a few Aperol Sodas. For the first time in Italy i didn't regret that i had to leave the city.
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