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You'd think it was business as usual the way I have NOT packed or stressed about this upcoming trip. I mean seriously, I am leaving the country for 6 months and I have a plan for 2 nights out of 180! *(well actually 3 nights since my flight is a red eye arriving in Buenos Aires at 6am)

I'm relieved to have gotten a breakthrough regarding my first hotel booking, I'll be at a cozy little b and b till I get oriented and find a suitable apartment for a month.

You see the thing about this trip, I have the untold good fortune to posess a open ticket that allows me the freedom to change the timing of my comings and goings. So the reality that I stay in Europe only 3 weeks is unlikely seeing that I have many friends to see in France, new friends to make in Italy and to care little about anything in Greece. I may never come back from Italy or Greece, my loved ones are aware of this. It's just that I've a feeling I was born in the wrong country. I can't explain how I can see the landscape, the people, the food without EVER having been there. Perhaps in another lifetime...

As I drool over hotels on Santorini, I realize this is the off season and most places are said to be closed this time of year. Yeah! I mean, that means little tourists, how I love thee but sometimes I dream of being alone on the Island sans touristas. I'll be tracking this as my trip progresses and will seek accomodation more vigoriously when the time comes. As with the dream and unfolding of this trip, its magic, the details fallin into place just in time.
cmgervais says:
Bet you are getting SO excited!

Tip: I found a sweet apartment in Buenos Aires through (I use that site a lot for short term apartments). Another good one is

Posted on: Aug 12, 2008
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