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Nowadays all I see are Ranking Lists. So I'm joining the bandwagon and coming up with my various Top 5 Lists.

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May 25th, 2005Konigswinter, Germany
August 5th, 2008World
August 6th, 2008World
August 7th, 2008World
August 19th, 2008World
September 26th, 2008World
February 27th, 2009Barcelona, Spain
February 27th, 2009Lisbon, Portugal
February 27th, 2009Iceland
February 27th, 2009New Hampshire, United States
February 27th, 2009Venice, Italy
February 27th, 2009Bled, Slovenia
February 27th, 2009World
November 3rd, 2009World
July 29th, 2010World
August 5th, 2010World
August 24th, 2010World
August 25th, 2010World
August 22nd, 2016World
August 23rd, 2016World
August 25th, 2016Europe
August 30th, 2016North America
August 31st, 2016World
September 1st, 2016World
September 2nd, 2016Europe