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1. Bruges, Belgium- Belgian Fries (don't call them French) right on the Markt Square... Heaven.

2. San Juan, Puerto Rico- Awesome local food everywhere you go. Tostones, currullos, bacalaitos, etc. make me very happy! Must have with a rum cocktail.

3. Antwerp, Belgium- Worsterbroodjie. Kind of like a hot dog but sooooo much better. The sausage is delicious and wrapped in flaky dough.

4. Ljubljana, Slovenia- Burek. Phyllo Dough stuffed with sheeps cheese and either meat, spinach, apples, or sauerkraut (the latter is the best one). Simple, a little odd for an American palette, but REALLY tasty. Got the best one at the bus depot!

5. Manchester, England- Pastys! A convenient, tasty, filling, and cheap meal you can hold in your hand. I know Cornwall is famous for them, but the ones in northern England were quite yummy.

6. Copenhagen, Denmark- Hot Dog. Yes the modest frankfurter is a source of pride to the Danes (Icelanders too). It is a bit more robust than the American variety, and you can get bacon as a topping, which of course makes everything better.

7. Downeast Maine- Lobster Rolls. You can get them everywhere and boy are they fresh and tasty!

8. Europe- Doner Kabob. The perfect food when you want something quick, filling, relatively healthy and flavorful. Perfect for refuelling in the midfle exploring a cobblestoned city. I have found them everywhere in Europe. The ones in the U.S. are not the same yet.

9. Bergen, Norway- Reindeer Dog. Norway takes Nordic obsession with hot dogs to a new level. Maybe not for the kiddies. They don’t need to know that Blitzen is tasty.

10. Christmas Markets in Germany, Austria, Alsace- Bratwurst or Spaetzle with gluhwein of course. Nothing gets you more in the traditional Christmas Spirit.


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