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Now that I have flown quite a bit, I feel qualified to offer my opinion on which airlines treat you well verses the ones that treat their customers like cattle (Delta, Al Italia).

1) Swiss Air- Since they are operated and affiliated with Lufthansa, it is a bit of a surprise that this airline tops its parent. While the seats aren't quite as roomy and the airplane music often plays the worst pop song of all time (The Carpenters' version of the Beatles classic "Ticket to Ride"), it is otherwise a lovely airline to fly. They treat you like people, the food is decent, and they give you chocolate. Furthermore, since a friend of mine works for this airline I get priority for an upgrade to business class when the flight is overbooked. That's the best part! Their business class is Heaven!

2)  Lufthansa- This airline makes you feel very welcome. Coach doesn't really feel like Coach. The seats are fairly roomy, you get free drinks, and the food is good. During the flight, as long as there is no turbulence, you are free to roam the plane and even congregate a little over drinks. Service has suffered a little recently though The flights have all been smooth and efficient. Still a top-notch airline.

3) JetBlue- My only American entry. This domestic carrier is the only American company I've flown with that doesn't treat its passangers like cattle. The planes are VERY comfortable, and I love the personal satellite TV's. The service is always upbeat and the food and beverages are reasonably priced. They also stand by their product. JetBlue is my definite preferred airline when I travel around the U.S.

4) Aer Lingus- I was surprised at how smoothly things went on this airline. Despite my numerous trips, I am TERRIFIED of flying, particularly take-off. I have never experienced such a smooth take-off, and even turbulence wasn't a problem. The service was very friendly and the seats OK. It was the only European carrier I have flown thus far that I had to pay for drinks, but the food was decent. The big points though were for the actual flight.

5) Air France- The French really do appreciate the finer things in life. Drinks flowed freely (even the champagne) and I had the best airplane food on this airline that I ever had. The seats were roomy, but not terribly comfortable. The service is a little cold. But you are free to walk around the plane, which is always a nice bonus.

Honorable mention: Wizz Air. They are a very good and inexpensive way to travel around central & eastern Europe.

Cho says:
You should try the Asian airlines like Singapore, Thai, etc. They're certainly way above the rest mentioned here, especially in service. But you're right about Delta and some other US airlines treating you like cattle. However, Jet Blue and Southwest are good.
Posted on: Sep 04, 2013
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