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I try to be open-minded and try local cuisine. This list may not seem very adventurous as there are no insect dishes. Not sure there ever will be though.

1. Sitges, Spain- Bacalaitos. No not the tasty Puerto Rican fish fritters that Grandma used to make. I only thought they were. In Catalunya they were lightly battered black little fish, eaten whole. Yes heads, tails and all. Didn't taste bad, if you pulled off the heads the bitterness disappeared. But eventually you get tired of beheading your food.

2. Inverness, Scotland- Haggis. When in Scotland I was told I must try it. Apparently it's all the nasty bits of animals, seasoned heavily and stuffed in a sheep's stomach, or something like that. It's everywhere. It isn't as bad as it sounds. It is grainy, gray and has a very mineral-rich taste. Hard to explain. It wasn't horrible, but I wouldn't order it again. If you're in Scotland, try it for yourself.

3. Trogir, Croatia- Weird sandwich that was grilled and included pickles, ketchup, eggs, and cheese. It looked horrible, but was quite tasty.

4. Keane, New Hampshire- Ostrich Burger. The outside was gray and the inside blood red which was a little off-putting. However this healthy treat was very yummy.

5. Bruges, Belgium- Kangaroo in Bearnaise Sauce. Not only weird because I was eating Kangaroo (which tasted a lot like beef), but the fact that I was eating it in Belgium of all places with the iconic Belgian Fries.

6. Reykjavik, Iceland- Horse Medallions. Also horse carpaccio. Horse is downright tasty! Don’t judge!

7. New Orleans, Louisiana- Fried Alligator, Fried Rattlesnake. They really do taste like chicken, but with a bite (pun intended)

8. Barcelona, Spain- Snails in Rabbit broth and fried rabbit pieces. Very traditional Catalan meal that was one of the best meals I have ever had!

9. Quebec City, Canada- Moose in Bearnaise Sauce. Frankly you can put shoes in bearnaise sauce and it will taste good. Still the moose was lean, not too gamey, tender, and quite rich. A perfect mix of Canada and France, like the city itself.

10. Annapolis, Maryland- Soft Crab Sandwich. Yes you eat the entire crab whole. Looks like a big spider in between bread. It was quite tasty, cooked in bacon grease, until it wasn�t. Not sure what the VERY bitter part was, nor do I suspect that I want to find out, but will not be eating it again.

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