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"Japanese should go to there once in life". It said from old time about Ise shrine.
Long time ago, we were popular "Oise mairi(Go to Ise)as Japanese general persons when the Heian era.
Because we couldn't go to travel to far. Ise was root of traveling in Japanese. 

Exactly, I had visited there for the first time.
There enshrines Amaterasuomikami is most honorable god in Japan.
We took Kintetsu tokkyu train at Tsuruhashi station. We took 2hours till Isuszugawa station near at the Ise shrine.
Me and my daughter were playing DS game while train all times. That's why I felt early arrived till the Isuzugawa station.

we took a taxi from station to Ise shrine Naiku.
It was 3:00pm around and very hot day.
Sure, there admission was free. I asked the information desk the shrine because we wanted guide map of shrine.

It's a very big shrine. We walked following the map.

At first we saw the Isuzu river. This river is important for Ise shrine because it was built along this river. 
And it has other means too that we have to clean up our mind and body there. 
Then we walked a lot in forest. We can see many big tree. They alive there from 2000years ago...
We arrived Gsyougu. But there never can see our. We could just prayer with Osaisen(throw few money)
Did I prayer there that "I wish our traveling with safety always."

I found "fumanu Ishi" there while walking from Aramatsurinomiya to Gojouden. What is it "fumanu Ishi".
It is very interesting stone. It have legend that fell from sky. Because this stone was put on strange place.
There not stairs. Moreover, it seem to "天 (heaven)" in Kanji.
We walked a lot but we saw only Naiku. They has Geku also. I would visit here for more knowing there.

Then we went the Okage Yokocyo. This street is in front of Naiku.
There are many gift shop and restaurants. There seem to time slip to old era in Japan.

At evening we went to the Ryokan. we ate seafood a lot. And took the Roten-buro.
I was so tired for walking. Then I fell asleep 10:30pm! so we have to walk more next day.


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Isuzu river
Isuzu river
Please do not step…
"踏まぬ石" Please do not ste…
It is said that this stone fell fr…
It is said that this stone fell f…
like a 天(heaven).
like a "天(heaven)".
This softcreams were made by Tofu.
This softcreams were made by Tofu.
Rotenburo(bath) at night
Rotenburo(bath) at night
Rotenburo(bath) at morning
Rotenburo(bath) at morning
22 km (14 miles) traveled
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photo by: ys484