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panoramic shot of Sydney skyline, harbour bridge, and opera house

Haven't done much touristing about since I've been here.  First night got in around half five and got a free easy bus ride to central station, where I putsed around waiting for Bianca to get off of work.   4 hours later, 2 cups of coffee, 3 cigs, and one date request later I'm crashing in her double bed, completley zonked out.  Next day she's off to work and I take my time getting ready for the day.  Once I'm out and about I realize just how funny and easy this city is.  I guess compared to New York or Tokyo every city is going to seem manageable.  Bi's got a great place, a little run down but full of charachter.  Hard wood and brick back splash in the kitchen (ok the sinks got no taps)  but there front door is pink with a wrought iron gate, and there backyard looks like the tropics.

  Best part about the place is the location.  Bus stop right on the corner, as well as gorgeous local clothing stores (i'd never be able to afford to actually shop in, but the view from outside is fun) and art galleries, and wedding designers, great for fashion, and the gay scene as well, which is more Bi's thing, but hey I could get into that, they know how to have a good time. 

So I left her place around midday and started walking.  Took me about half hour to get to hyde park another half to meander through the flowers and cacti of the botanical gardens and finally pass out on the lawn opposite harbour bridge and the famous opera house, rightly so it's spectacular.  I slept for 3 hours in that sun and then made my way back to her place to drink red wine, eat indian food and watch Point Break, not the best movie ever, sorry Bi.


Next day we got to spend together going whale watching.  It was a 4 hour tour and we saw one whale multiple times, basically every time it came up to breath.  S/he seemed to be on a mission and wasn't too interested in putting on a show for us.  Just came up, did his blow hole breathing thing, flapped his tail, and then went right back down.  Pretty amazing stuff all the same, but wouldn't be spending that kind of money again, not unless it's high season, which is june by the way, and there are 70 to 100 whales coming by all in one day with babies jumping about. 

That night we went to a local bar where you play rock, paper scissors, with the barman to get your drinks half price (I lost scissors to rock, drat!)  Ate some cheap but tasty veg nachos and then went to another local place, whose gimmick was crab racing.

  You bet on a number, it's free, and each hermit crab has a number on there shell which ever one makes it out of the circle fastest wins (I lost) and I'm glad too.  It was a horrible game and all the loud drunk people scared the poor crabs.  Most of them just freaked out and hid in there shells, a couple big ones tried to make a run for it as far from the noise as possible.  What a stupid way of giving out free gifts.  3 veg pizzas an uncountable number of beers and 1 sunrise later and we're back passed out in her bed for the day.  We were supposed to go for the stroll through Bondi today but what are you gonna do?  Seen one beach you've seen 'em all, eh?  So this is my last night here and I'm so excited to be in Thailand tomorrow!!!!  Seeing Bi was a blast and now I know I like Sydney, I'll just have to make it back someday when I can afford it.




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panoramic shot of Sydney skyline, …
panoramic shot of Sydney skyline,…
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photo by: Sunflower300