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Yes the chair was in there already...but why??

Thursday Night.  10 PM.  Black Dress Night. 

We start at Southside Johnny's, a biker bar at the end of Tejon and work our way up from there.  Arch Hooks is playing so we hit the dance floor.  After a round of horridly sweet shots...lemon drops...I opt for a crisper drink- vodka tonic.  Then it's back with the girls on the floor.  Since Hooks covers anything from Reggae to Rap I can't really be sure how long before we move on to our next stop, the Ritz.

We have to pass the Nosh on the way to our bar so we stop in for a mojito.  Our friend Frank (well dressed guy, dark hair, about yeh big,  is probably hitting on you...) works there and brags on his talents in mixology.

Will we ever run out of obscure uses for toilet paper? I hope not
  Eh, I prefer the liquid stylings of Shuga's--my all time FAVORITE bar!  I could write an entire entry about Shuga's: bartender knows GREAT music, the typewriter in the pisser, the mojitos by the carafe...sigh. But I digress.

The great thing about the Ritz...okay there's more than that there's never a cover.  And they have always had live bands on their little stage.  Yeah sure, the bands can be hit or miss but the last one really sung to me with their '80s covers.  You just can't go wrong with Tears for Fears or some Journey you know!  Tonight I'm in luck.   The DJ is spinning salsa and the 5x10 dancefloor is completely packed!  The bloody mary at the Ritz is highly recommended but tonight we are here for the "Chocolate Cake".
A pretty concoction...on fire!
  To its credit, it does taste similar to it's namesake after you bite the lemon.  I wonder how it's done...  But we've decided that maybe this shouldn't be our last stop tonight and we mosey along. 

We pass Cowboys (I hate cover charges!) and their Americana dancing.  If it weren't for the cover I might even venture to say I'd frequent that place.  Why?  Where else can you get a mini-pitcher of Blue Moon and watch guys in oversized hats do the two step with matching girls?  And who can so much as hint a guffe at the synchronization of the line dance?  I know I can't.  Nevertheless, we pass this and Rum Bay (more cover charges) toward Acacia Park.  I glance over to see The Rendevous Lounge-great place to get a tasty mojito.
the Springs' BEST bar!
  Some eastern European Femme Fatale will bring it to you, nonetheless!

We continue past Old Chicago's and their 110 beers and Jose Muldoon's-great for a margarita and quesadillas.  And across from the closed Starbuck's is a little french restaurant that comes pretty close to holding the title for best creme bruelee in the Springs.  I can't judge as I've never been to Le Petit Maison to compare.  Some day...  Anyway, we're almost to Tony's--voted by the Independant as the Springs' best Hole in the Wall bar and it's rightfully deserved.  I love this place!  We're all dressed up in our black attire, but don't feel a bit out of place here.  They have PBR on tap (yes, on tap!) and pickled eggs, which you can acquire for one bad joke AND they serve red-beers.  Fantastic!  My only recommendation is to avoid the Leinenkugel's blue label; the yellow is not so bad, but unless you like a beer with bold flavors of Fruity Pebbles, I say stay away!  Maybe it would be good to have as a breakfast treat or hair of the dog, but I can't imagine any sane person drinking the stuff on purpose after 9 AM.'s good to live in the Springs.

Frostbourne says:
Very well witten. Keep up the good work :)
Posted on: Oct 17, 2008
poorogies says:
Fine. What is it with boys and toilets???
Posted on: Aug 25, 2008
genetravelling says:
can we please get a pic of the typewriter in the pisser?!
Posted on: Aug 25, 2008
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Yes the chair was in there already…
Yes the chair was in there alread…
Will we ever run out of obscure us…
Will we ever run out of obscure u…
A pretty concoction...on fire!
A pretty concoction...on fire!
the Springs BEST bar!
the Springs' BEST bar!
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