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This year, we couldn't agree about where to go for holiday...Italy...Switserland..Germany...
So we came with this solution; just visit all those countries!
And that's why we woke up this morning on the 7th of July, waaaaaaaay too early, to catch the train to Switserland. We did not had our Interrailpasses yet, so we decided to wake up early and try to get them before the huge crowd would appear on the International Office at Utrecht Centraal. This was the first time for me to travel on this kind of way; just go with the flow, without any arrangement...only us with our interrailpasses (and the 15 kg luggage in my backpack :s)  Jeroen already had some interrail experience, so this would be piece of cake for him.
Around 7.30 our adventure began.... We've done some "seatdance", as we didn't made any reservations for the ICE to Basel. So, at every stop it was a surprise if we could stay at our seats or not. And if not..just try to find new seats! The journey was pretty nice; we saw the environment changing from flat countrysides to sloping hills.
When we arrived in Switserland, we decided to visit Bern first. After 2 hours of searching we set up our tent at camping Eichholz and it was time for a well deserved meal. When we sat in front of our tent, eating our selfmade brocolli-meat dish,
all the frustrations of walking into the wrong directions and searching for the campingsite were gone and i thought: i can handle this way of actually-we-don't-have-a destination-travel :D
My first impression of Switserland: everything is so clean! 
The campsite was situated near a river, called the Aare. The Aare blue! I had never seen that before... We stayed 2 nights in Bern. For an impression of what we had seen and visited, please check the pictures.

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photo by: krysleigh