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Lighting candles before dinner.
I have finally found some time to get on the computer and update this after quite the busy weekend. Most of it was occupied with studying or swimming at the beach. Last night a few friends and I made Shabbos dinner at my apartment. It was so nice to have a real meal and to light candles and have a Shabbot in Israel. After a nice dinner of chicken and pasta and pastries for desert we walked down Mt Carmel to the city center.

I did not realize just how close it was to get there since the bus tends to take quite a bit of time to make it down all the sharp turns to get from the University. It took us about an hour and we managed to find a bar that was playing clips of the olympics. Then this morning we made Challah french toast with the left overs from last night and spent the majority of the day studying on and off and relaxing.
Alex and Zoe mid-bite.

I still can't believe how much Hebrew I have been able to pick up these past two weeks, especially after such a rough first week of Ulpan. Now when I walk through Haifa I can read the signs and am slowly able to pick up bits of what people are saying... It still takes me a really long time to put together sentences and conjugate verbs so speaking is quite painful... to the point that anyone I attempt to talk to immediately jumps in with English that far surpasses my basic Hebrew... but hopefully by the end of the semester my speaking will have improved.

Tonight we had Havdallah (to end the Shabbos) and walked through part of the Carmel National Park that is right across from the University. There archeologist had reconstructed all of these ancient ruins from the Byzantine period that we were able to walk through and read about. All through the parks there were olive trees filled with fruit... It was really cool.

I'm really enjoying the fact that the weeks here begin on Sunday and end on Saturday and that we have all of Friday off to relax. It was quite weird the first weekend to see how quickly a massive and modern city like Haifa can shut down completely on a Friday night... and then remain this quiet until Saturday. Well I am going to get back to a bit of studying before heading to bed... but I just wanted to get in a quick update and put up a few photos while I had a break.
here4crackhead says:
Yumm challah!
It's great to hear about your trip, keep the pictures coming. Can we get some of your apartment and your neighborhood? I have no idea how Haifa looks, or if your toilet even like, flushes.
Posted on: Aug 18, 2008
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Lighting candles before dinner.
Lighting candles before dinner.
Alex and Zoe mid-bite.
Alex and Zoe mid-bite.
photo by: alanmica