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The theatre outside the museum that the Kibutz uses.
We had another field trip yesterday, and went to the Ghetto Fighter's museum which was founded by a group of Holocaust survivors who participated in the Warsaw uprising. After World War II these people reconnected and decided to start a Kibbutz-- which is still in operation today. They wanted to begin a life together but to also commemorate what they had been through during the war. They began collecting various objects left from the war and after a while opened a museum. This was the first Holocaust museum as it was opened in the 50's about 10 years before Yad Vashem (the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem). It was interesting to see the Holocaust approached from the perspective of survivors, and survivors who had managed to fight a force like the Nazis. It was a good field trip except the tour guide was pretty terrible.
Alex, Ariel, Brenna and Me outside the kibbutz.
His English was extremely poor so it took him about 15 minutes to get to the point.

After the museum some friends and I decided to make another attempt at cooking... Keep in mind that by kitchen I mean we have a hot plate and a toaster oven... We tried to make mac n' cheese using just the toaster tray... it took a bit of engineering to make it into a more functioning pan but we did manage to make a pretty tasty dinner.

Then after dinner there was a bit of an emergency when I discovered a Cockroach sleeping in my shower... luckily my friends a bit braver than me and doused it in poison which only angered it and made it start flying crazily around the bathroom so she grabbed her shoe and crushed it... so hopefully that's the end of that.

Well I'm getting down to the last week of my "special" ulpan class... and I'm excited to travel some and then to start the semester and take actual classes at the University.

I'm headed to Tzvat tonight for a music festival so I'm going to get finished with my homework before I leave. Hope all's well with everyone.

lindsaypo says:
MADS! how was the music festival? that sounds fun. i'm so jealous that you still get to travel freely and meet tons of people from all over the world- i miss it! also... i'm impressed that you make mac n cheese in a toaster oven. and that you took a picture of the cockroach in your shower. ew. haha. where are you travelling to? can't wait to hear all about it! xo
Posted on: Aug 20, 2008
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The theatre outside the museum tha…
The theatre outside the museum th…
Alex, Ariel, Brenna and Me outside…
Alex, Ariel, Brenna and Me outsid…
Mac N Cheese in our make shift pan
Mac N' Cheese in our make shift pan
Cockroach in my shower.
Cockroach in my shower.
ariel rescuing me from death
ariel rescuing me from death
photo by: alanmica