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Aight I guess its time for me to play a bit of catch up on this blog thing. I just finished my first week of classes so that has been taking up most of my time. To decide which classes I wanted to take the international school lets us sit in on as many classes as we wish to for the first week and then finalize registration the following week. They offer a bunch of really interesting courses, but in the end I have decided to continue my Hebrew, take a social history course, terrorism and response, Israeli ethnic groups and contemporary Israel. All of the professors are extremely knowledgable and the class size is really small so there will definitely be opportunity for good discussions.

Again I had a bit of an issue with my Hebrew placement. I took an exam to see what level I fall into now… but after spending the past few weeks out of Israel I was a bit out of practice so I only got a handful of the questions right… oops. So I ended up in a level quite below me… the teacher right away recognized this when she saw I was able to write my name hahaha… so I am now in the right level.. even though I am probably the slowest one in the class it’s nice to be challenging myself and to see what its like to live outside of the “special” class. ָOther fun thing is that now between trying to learn Hebrew and getting people’s whos first language isn’t English to understand me… my English now sucks—sooooo everyone should be prepared for me to come back speaking no language what-soever hahah… or some strange combination of Spanish English and Hebrew….

Besides class, I have been busy meeting all of the other international students that arrived this week. I am so glad that I came earlier… I can’t imagine how overwhelming it must be to be in the midst of classes in a different country while simultaneously trying to make friends. Like in Ulpan there is a good mix of people coming from all over the world.

The other night my friends and I had a bar b q on my new porch, which was really fun. We tried to invite everyone we ran into… including the security guard… he didn’t make it but we did bring him a hot dog. Hmmm I think that about covers this week. I’m heading up north this weekend for a camping and hiking trip through the Golan… We’re staying in a Beduoin encampment so I’m pretty excited for that. And now I gotta head to the store and stock up on snacks for the weekend. Hope alls wel
לשנה תווה

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