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The two people from my program who I sat next to on the airplane trying to help me with my bags.

I am finally here in Haifa after quite the adventure at the airport.  Luckily I ended up sitting next to a person from my program on the flight to Heathrow so I had some entertainment for our 6 hour layover there... and then on the flight into Haifa I was seated next to someone else from my Ulpan so I had people to help me with my 85 lb bags and to make sure I didn't end up

lost around Israel.  We got in extremely late last night so I didn't really get to see Haifa until this morning, but it was definitely worth the wait.  The University is situated atop a mountain so I can see the entire city and the beach from my window.  We are so high up that we can see the smog that hovers above Haifa.

My new digs

I'm living in an apartment right on campus with five other girls who are currently in the midst of their exams because their semester was delayed because of a strike.  I have only met one of my flatmates who is Israelie and speaks even less English than I do Hebrew (if that is even possible).  I have my own bedroom and bathroom and then share the kitchen and commonroom with them.  I'm excited to meet my other flatmates.

My program has kept me pretty busy today with various administrative and orientation stuff.  I had my oral placement exam where I attempted to recollect some Hebrew... I'm sure I'll end up in Hebrew for tots... oh well-- they still say that I will be at a conversational level when I leave since I intend to continue my class during the semester.

Closet... trust me it is far from empty now
  The people in the Ulpan are from all over the world (I think they said some 40 different countries are represented... I've already met people from Austria, Germany, and Korea).

If anyone has the desire to send me anything my address here is:

Madeline Stein

c/o The International School

University of Haifa

Haifa 31905


*****Don't send anything via UPS or FEDEX because then they go through customs and take forever and have all sorts of fees tacked on-- the post office is the best option.

Well, I am going to try to post on this whenever I get a chance since the computer lab is in the basement of my apartment.  I miss you all and hope everything is going well with you--- I can't wait to hear updates.

kg1357 says:
Hi Mads

It's fun reading your blog. Can't believe you are in Haifa. The location of your university sounds incredibly picturesque. Tell us more whenever you find the time. Good luck with your first Ulpan class. xxxooo mom and dad
Posted on: Aug 04, 2008
lindsaypo says:
that is so exciting mads! i'm super jealous. can't wait to hear about all your adventures! xoxo
Posted on: Aug 04, 2008
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The two people from my program who…
The two people from my program wh…
My new digs
My new digs
Closet... trust me it is far from …
Closet... trust me it is far from…
photo by: alanmica