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Well I thought that I would write a short blog on Israel seeing as its probably harder to get information on what visiting the country was like. We stayed in jerusalem for a week and we were in appartments in an area called Yad voshem which was a good location as it was a short walk to the old city and not too far from the new one. A piece of advice is to stay in a hotel for the first one or two nights that you arrive in Israel until you acclimatise because me and my family arrived when it was 11 o clock at night to a dark appartment only to have to go out in search of food and water. Also be prepared for shabbat, because nearly all the shops were closed on the saturday and we ended up eating in Mc Donalds. A great place to go for restaraunts and a lively atmosphere is the german colony and it is a bit more upmarket than the new city. Also be prepared for Kosher food, because its difficult to find a restaraunt in Jersualem that isn't unless you eat in the arab quater. Whilst we were in Jerusalem we visited the wailing wall, which we really enjoyed doing, but women visiting should bring something to cover their arns with. We also did a few tours, which we were able to book through the YMCA, who were immensly helpful. It was almost impossible to get anyone to help us around the city when trying to book tours so we were really thankful for them. i think we did tours with Ben Ari although i cant quite remember what it was called. We did a tour of the city of Jerusalem, which I would really recommend because the old city is a bit meaningless without a guide to help you. We saw the wailing wall again and the way of sorrow and the church of the holy seplacur. However I was dissappointed by the church because it didn't seem like Jesus had died there as the church had been bulit on top, so spending 20 or 30 minutes there was enough for us. Another tour which we did was to masada and the dead sea which was excellent, because many other guides left their passengers off at the destination and didn't explain what happened at masada, but ours stayed with us and gave an excellent account of what happened and was willing to answer any questions. Then we went to the dead sea and washed ourselves with special mud and floated on the dead sea; which was an amazing experience. We also went into the thermal pools, which are supposed to have medicinal qualities. Anyway this is all i can be bothered to write for now


Catherine :)

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