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Here I was in Sabang having dinner for the second night in a row in The Big Apple, a restaurant and bar. The manager Ann  Marie, a eesy name to remember since it is the same as my sister sat me down at the table and shortly after came to chat with me. I couldn't help but noticing the lovely and sexy lady playing pool just feets away from me. Her long hair and beautiful smile captured me. I asked Ann Marie who this beautiful lady was. Good choice she said. She is the sister of one of the employees. Has her own business and comes down here from Manilla about once a month to visit her sister and do some business at the same time. Would you like to meet her, she asked. I said, most definately.

my last few moments in Manilla. I am going to miss her, sob sob.
While eating my meal Ann Marie came back to the table with this beatiful lady. Willem, she said, this is Joovie. I stood up and introduced myself and asked her if she wanted a seat. She nodded her head and here we were. our conversation was easy and smooth like we knew each other for a while. It felt right and I asked her if she would like to go out later so we could get to know each other. she agreed. Earlier that day I was on a day tour and was exhausted. I told her I would like to take a nap and shower and meet her back at 10 pm.

The nap was neccesary and i woke up right at 10 pm. Rushing to take a shower and in a hurry to get back to the Big Apple I was a half hour late. There weren't many people there so it wasn't all that hard to spot her playing pool.

Her face lighted up when she saw me walking towards her. I apolizised for being late. She just smiled turned around and introduced me to a couple of her friends. we decided to go to another bar. she wanted to show me a bit around town. A pleasant suprise, Joovie rarely drinks alcohol. It was around 3 am when we finished our alcohol free partying and for lucky me Jovie wanted to spend the night together.

Next morning we were ready for some breakfast, went to her sisters apartment and she took me to the flaoting bar. There I got to meet Jack Nicholson Look alike and with some fins and goggles I borrowed did some snorkeling. Our day was finished of by a nice quite dinner. we were both tired for the night before and decided to tuck in early. But not before I asked her if she would be interested in going back to Manilla with a stop in between and stay around until the last minute of my vacation.

I've never been so quickly to ask someone after meeting just 24 hours before. This felt different and right and looking back I made the right decision.

The following morning we took the boat and then a half a day bus ride to a destination which I forgot the name of. It was in my Lonely Planet guide. The main attraction was a canoe ride to a waterfall which you could go thru on a bamboo stick platform. Real fun.  After that we went back to Manilla and Joovie showed me the city thru the eyes of a local. We bought a game with seashells that she taught me to play. Going thru the markets and the back street is what I am familiar with but this time I was holding the hand and seeing the smile of a woman I adored. Her whole sweet personality and the attention she gave to me made her shine like a angel.

It didn't matter what we did or what I saw as long as I was with her. I've had the blessings of some great moment in my life and this one week short love story is one I will always remember. Our last evening we had a nice dinner and decided to stay in and play games. My heart was filled with joy and sorrow. I knew that I may never see her again.

Arriving at the airport I was turned away. The security pointed to my tichet that it was dated for yesterday. Oops, I had a little to much fun and got my days mexed up. That had never happened to me before. After nurmerous call to AA and JAL airlines we got it all straighten out. Waiting for the plane were the longest hours i've ever experienced. We were trying to make the best of it. Took some funny pictures but yet it was hard for me to fight back a couple of tears.

This little lady called Joovie came out of nowhere and left a huge impact on my heart. today she probable thinks i've forgotten about her but just the opposite is true. Maybe one day I can suprise her by showing up. I have her email but can only use it to make a promise not false  hopes. So hopefully one day i can make that promise to see her. if it ever happen I know we will take off were we ended and we will smile in the sunset.

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my last few moments in Manilla. I …
my last few moments in Manilla. I…
luch time
luch time
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