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We look up and find the noise is comming from the bats in the tree!!!

Our drive from Townsville to Cairns was mercifully only 5 hours, so we were setting off at mid-day rather than the overnight trips we had been experiencing.  Townsville was just a one night stop over on the way to Cairns, a small city of 130,000 on the beginning of North Australia's tropics.  We spent our only day there surfing the net and strolling the town, and then running home in the unbeleivably hard rain that fell, our first experience of "the rainy season".  The hostel was great though, with big clean rooms and friendly staff so we enjoyed our short stay there.

Our bus to Cairns was great fun, due to the two people sitting in front of us!  On our fifteen hour bus journey a week before, a German girl sitting behind us kept putting her legs on my chair, digging her knees in, to the extent that John swapped seats with me and had some words with her.

In the pool.
  Funnily enough, who should we see as we are getting onto our bus to Cairns, but the same whinging, rude girl.  And as luck would have it, 52 seats on the bus and we are right behind her!  Revenge was, needless to say, sweet!!

We reached Cairns around 7.30pm and rang  our hostel, who offered a free pick up, only to be told that we had to get a taxi ourselves which would be refunded.  This took and hour, and when we reached the hostel the iejit at the counter continued to take calls and make our check in take longer.  Muppet.  He also told us that he was having problems keeping the room clean due to the long term inhabitants.  Just what we wanted to hear!  Sure enough it wasn't the cleanest, but we were wrecked and so didn't say anything.

The lagoon in Cairns and taking a dip.
  We mustered the strength to go out and had a great night in the 'Woolshed', widely regarded as the best backpacker club in Australia, no doubt due to the repeated attempts at getting girls dancing on tables to get their boobs out!  It was good fun, even getting lost in a drunken stupor on the way home not spoiling the night. 

The next day we passed on a diving trip on the reef.  Everyone we have spoken to says it was the most overrated thing they have done on their trip.  You see just as much coral and fish while snorkelling in the Whitsundays further south, without the cost, and you can do diving for a 1/4 of the price in Thailand, so we took the advice and just decided to chill in Cairns.  We headed to the lagoon for the day, a man made lagoon where everyone has a swim.  That was great, esecially as we bumped into Grainne and Barry, the Dublin couple we had done Fraser island with and also bumped into while sailing the Whitsundays.  We had a good chat with them for an hour or two and we all headed for our respective hostels.  We returned to ours to find a bunch of ants had decided to take up residence all around and among our things, being attracted by a half drunk can of pop.  I didn't like the idea of sleeping with the buggers so John asked the hostel's weird owner for another room, but he said all the beds were taken.  We decided to find another hostel, saying that since he couldnt provide another clean room we would be leaving, and he refused us a refund.  The cheeky sod.  We argued with him for an hour, him saying it was too late to rent the room out so tough!  Rubbish, as if it was our fault the ants came late in the day.  He wouldnt even come to see the room, saying he was too busy!  We left for another hostel without a refund and only bad things to say about the creep, who in fairness was not of Australian decent, and everyone else we came across was really nice. 

We flew from Cairns at six the next morning, having slept fine in our next hostel where we shared a room with the nicest Polish girl.  Our flight was fine, only 3 hours long and it went really fast and uneventful.  Sydney was overcast and cloudy when we touch down but has since improved.   So, 47 hours of bus travel on 7 buses and a 3 hour flight back, we travelled 3380 miles in total in just 3 weeks.....I need a sleep now!!!

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We look up and find the noise is c…
We look up and find the noise is …
In the pool.
In the pool.
The lagoon in Cairns and taking a …
The lagoon in Cairns and taking a…
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