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Beh...not really at home - better speaking at my parent's place. Leaving Trier after 2 years of mostly not going to university, lots of parties/Couchsurfing meetings, beer and tequila was not so easy. And even though it's only for one week living again in my parents place is even worse :-)

I mean it's ok, only for a bit more than one weekend. Our flight to Berlin leaves on Tuesday evening - we that is Tini, Eugi and me. It's kind of a FareWell trip...but why Berlin?

Well, we did "Blind Booking" - choosing a destination topic like "party, culture, beach or metropolis"; we decided to head for a big city. C'mon, could you say No to Istanbul, Dublin or Budapest? I bet no! So, standing in front of the notebook, inserting the dates, names and credit card number we did more than only crossing fingers - we really, really believed in going to Istanbul! I actually told everybody that I'd head for that awesome city in 2 weeks!

"Book now! - of course - closing the eyes - clicking on OK - reopening...

Ahm, what exactly means SXF? Damn it...Berlin! Nothing against Berlin but please, we are not even leaving the country!

Actually it wasn't that much of a surprise, at least not for all the others :-) 5 flights a day to Berlin and only 5 times a week to Istanbul...well not that much of a choice, isn't it?

Anyway, it's going to be more than great!
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