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Lings first time on a horse!
Packing the car and finishing breakfast we head down to the harbour..... thick fog covers the bay !

great .. what is it with me and whales ... this is my third whale tour and I have yet to see one of our whaley friends!

the boat is not busy ... just 12 or so people .... we head out into the bay .. the wind is cold and thick fog lingers...

we search two areas but only see puffins ... small fat birds that cannot fly well ... they are funny as they try and skip along the waves and then suddenly dive ... finding swimming easier than flying ......

but no whales....

we head further out into the bay .... ling feels ok this time ... she had been very sea sick on the ferry coming over from Denmark!

we are looking.... watching ...... time passes ... the captain is on the radio to his colleagues .
lets get the boat see if we can find a whale.....
.. they are trying to find us whales...!

We continue out further ... we find a gap in the fog and we get a sudden break in the clouds and sunshine.

Hot chocolate and icelandic pastries come out .... eyes are still peeled to the sea looking for that tell tale blow .....


A shout goes us and the boat comes around sharply ... we spot the blow and then see the arched back ... its a Humpback! 

Down it goes on a deep dive!

We drift for a while ... waiting ... watching .... we know the whale(s) are here now .....

STARBOARD 9 oclock .. a shout from behind .....

Yep there they are .... we come about and head in closer ... suddenly in front of us.... the arched back of the humpback whales.... more blows... more tails ..... awesome !

we grab some more pictures and follow for a while .
over there... no ... over here ,,,, no
... excited voices from children and adults .... another boat is approaching fast ... the captain has called in reinforcements .. this is the sister ship.

we follow for a while before we have to head back ... we are out of time but .. we got to see whales ..... my string of bad luck is broken!

back on dry land we head out to the horse riding centre and are greeted like long lost friends!

There is just 2 of us and a guide on the ride... I can ride having owned a horse ... the guide keeps a watchful eye on me .... I guess shes told many times people can ride but cannot!

Ling is enjoying her new experience ... and gets a lesson from the guide on being the boss!  her horse is enjoying the grass and shes not going anywhere.

Now we got it !..... Want to go faster the guide says!


WOWWWW!   now I'm doing the tolt!!!!!   Icelandics are well known for the unusual gait called the "Tolt" .
THERE! Humpbacks....
.. its kind of a fast walk .. but the body of the horse stays very still ... its like sitting in a comfortable arm chair ..... I quickly learn how to find the right pace ... cool!

I am praised by the guide ..... you ride well she says ..... nice deep seat ..... yep ... I learnt the hard way how to sit right and straight!!!

Ling is doing great for her first time.... and the smile says it all ....

We ride down the coast ... some guy is tracking salmon using a radio tracker .... we say hello ... take a break and let the horses eat a while .... the scenery is stunning ... huge cliffs and a big wide river piles down to the sea.....

We continue on and soon we are back at the stables ... we say goodbye and head off to Myvatan .... we are going to have a relaxing day tomorrow but tonight .... its dinner and a hot spring bath for us!

omeprazole says:
i tried be polit with my school horse....seems she likes food as me ..>
Posted on: Oct 21, 2008
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Lings first time on a horse!
Lings first time on a horse!
lets get the boat see if we can fi…
lets get the boat see if we can f…
over there... no ... over here ,,,…
over there... no ... over here ,,…
THERE!  Humpbacks....
THERE! Humpbacks....
another ,,,, wooooo!
another ,,,, wooooo!
hey we saw it first!
hey we saw it first!
photo by: Real_PeaceWarrior