Fuel and water top up and the most unfriendly tourist information office in the world!

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After leaving the ferry its just a few km drive to the next town of Egilsstadr....

We wanted to check the latest road maps and conditions as they had been updated while we were on the ferry ... most of the tourist offices have the latest maps on the wall..... unless you happen to be  in this one!

Now I am a very patient guy but there is nothing  annoys me more than crass unhelpful people.... and now we met someone who won the world "unhelpful tourist office" world cup!

Not only was the map on the wall out of date but she then argued it was the latest one .. until she was shown actually the date WAS wrong.

Huffing she then proceeded to find the latest one on the internet..... great the roads open we found out! 

Then we asked the most scandalous of questions .... could you print that .... sure ... for 3 euros!


Well we need it ... ok .... so then 3 of the team also wanted copies .... more huffing!

When she handed the prints over I nearly died!

Are you out of ink I asked???     More laser beam stares my way!

More huffing!

OK well we finallz got the maps we needed and left ...... little was I to know we would have another visit to this most unhelpful tourist office .... and more!!  They were not the only ones!

After fuelling the Landie and us ...which entailed an interesting time in the cafe trying to work out quite WHAT to order and even more HOW to order it :)

Ohhh there was one surprise in the filling station......  Ice Cream

But not just Ice Cream .. noooooo!   For it seems the icelandics have an unhealthy obsession with ice cream and WHAT you can put on  it, in it or under it!

I mean there was a whole counter FULL of sweet things .... smarties... M&M, maltesers, chopped snickers, bountys, twix ..... I mean absolutely anything sweet was getting chopped up for inclusion in that simple ice ....

ohhh and not just one flavour .... you name it and they could add it to your chopped snickers!!!

WOW .. I guess they need something too keep them occupied during the long dark nights in winter ... ice cream ... yeah that would do it!

so after filling up (minus any icecream for us!) we headed out into the interior and the real start of the adventure!

dl4plm says:
heheh we did try it in Husavik :)
Posted on: Dec 01, 2008
kristintelma says:
I'm sorry about the tourist office but the ice cream is nothing to complain about! It is really good! You should have tried it :)
Posted on: Dec 01, 2008
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photo by: dl4plm