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The Red Courthouse

What a great time with Fankai. I was pretty excited about spending the day in Dallas with a TB from a different state. Fankai was in Dallas taking the bar and we decided that we take his last day in town to explore Dallas and get to know more about each other.


It was a great day that started around noon when meet at his hotel and head to lunch up in Las Colinas. We had a great Thai meal at a restaurant called Blu Ginger. We had a good meal in pretty hip little restaurant. We spent most of our time just sharing some stories about our families and our faith. It was great. We finished a very filling meal and decided to head out and do some shopping.

A glimps at reunion Tower


We ended up at the Galleria in N Dallas and ended up walking around for a short time. We enjoyed the time and stood and watched some of the people ice skating in the large rink 4 floors below. We didn’t spend much money, but it was a cool way to get out of the heat for quick minute. I was able to get my watch fixed and we were able to get on way.


We headed from the Galleria for a tour of Highland Park. Highland Park is like the Bel Air of Dallas. Large stately homes that indicate that the housing crisis has not hit Dallas, yet. We drove by Mark Cubans big giant home and then drove around Highland Park Village, a nice upscale shopping area where you can generally spot some of the rich and famous hanging out eating or spending money.

The sixth floor book depository where Oswald shat the President
Didn’t see any celebrities today, but heard that the first lady, Laura Bush has been checking out the area for her and the president once they leave the White House. I am sure they will find something that will work for them in the area.


We also to a moment to drive around SMU. This private university sits in the middle of the Park Cities and has a student body of well off kids. The campus is absolutely beautiful with all of fountains, sculptures and brick buildings. We can’t forget the top notch stadiums and sports facilities. We took a few pictures and made our way down to the West Village.


The West Village is a nice little upscale part of uptown Dallas.

Fenkai at the place where Kennedy was shot
This area has great wide tree-lined sidewalks which are great for people watching. We found our way to the Paciugo shop and enjoyed a little Italian Gelato. We walked around and saw some of the really exclusive, and not so exclusive, shops like Polo and Banana Republic and the like. The Magnolia Theater is a great movie theater that shows pretty great shows. We just walked in to cool off and then walked back out.


Getting back in the car, we headed to downtown Dallas to visit the Delaney Plaza, the spot where President John F Kennedy was shot. We walked around and found it just as interesting to watch the other tourist and those hawking videos and other materials about that fatal day in Dallas back in 1963.


It was pretty amazing walking around and knowing that a large crowd was standing along this grassy knoll, a mad man was above them all on the 6th floor of that building, shots rang out, the President was hit, the limo was driven at record speeds to Parkland memorial hospital, a nation is in shock, and then a president is forever mourned.

a plaque to commerate the President and his tragedy
It is powerful. The city as gone as far to mark and “X” at the places where the shots hit President Kennedy. There are the people along the way who are selling the frame by frame video and the other guy who has the frame by frame pamphlet. We both got into the frenzy of photo taking and just walking around in amazement as to the historical significance of this spot in downtown Dallas, Texas.


After taking some time to take in the history we walked over the Dallas County Old Red Courthouse. The history will follow in a review.  We took a moment to walk into this beautiful building which now houses the Tourist information office and the cultural museum. We found a lot of helpful information and took some photos. The funniest things I saw there was when I looked at the guest book and someone had signed and wrote all of their comments in Chinese. I asked Fankai, who knows some Chinese to read it and the translation was loosely, “Get stuff in Chinese.

Drive down the same road Kennedy did.
 Funny because who would be able to understand it. To be fair, there was a little translation to that effect written near the characters. I just thought it was interesting.


From here we walked over to the West End. This area was pretty quiet at this hour of the day, so we didn’t see to may off the wall people or things worth writing home about. We did go into a couple of little shops and took a look at the place where the once Planet Hollywood reigned. Oh well, planets come and planets go.


We did some souvenir shopping and headed towards Founders square and watched some children having fun in the water fountains. A quick recipe for parents with young children, just add water to anything. These kids just loved life, no cares in the world. Made us think.


Although it was a very hot afternoon, we were able to enjoy a little bit of big “D.”

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The Red Courthouse
The Red Courthouse
A glimps at reunion Tower
A glimps at reunion Tower
The sixth floor book depository wh…
The sixth floor book depository w…
Fenkai at the place where Kennedy …
Fenkai at the place where Kennedy…
a plaque to commerate the Presiden…
a plaque to commerate the Preside…
Drive down the same road Kennedy d…
Drive down the same road Kennedy …
Where the president was shot
Where the president was shot
The road on which President Kenned…
The road on which President Kenne…
The X where Kennedy was shot
The "X" where Kennedy was shot
Kids and water equals fun.
Kids and water equals fun.
As we entered the West End
As we entered the West End
Founders Plaza
Founders Plaza
The Polo store
The Polo store
Good shopping
Good shopping
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