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Ok, today is the day I am supposed to be driving down to LA but like always, I never get out on time! LOL. I observed a deposition for work in the morning which was incredibly draining and left me feeling rather melancholy as I headed home to finish laundry, pack, and work some more.  After leaving the office across town, I decided to stop and finish my errands (like a trip to Cupcake Craving..LOL).  I wanted to get my parents a mini dozen of those cupcakes to help cheer up Mom before her surgery this next week!  Well, what should've been a 1/2 hour detour ended up turning into a two hour disaster!  Traffic, no parking, accidents....yeah, not in my master plan!  I got stuck 30 minutes to get off the freeway alone after truck jack knifed and lost its trailer in front of about bad timing!

Quick stop at the gas station since my little hybrid was crying for fuel after running all around town.  This was a first for me....fairly cute guy is watching me and you can tell he wants to say something but there is a hesitation.  He finally sticks his head over by me and starts talking to me about the hybrid and my MPGs.  "I'd rather fill yours than mine he says"  HA HA HA.  We chatted for a minute about the car and then I jumped in my car and hurried home!  Sorry guy!

After getting back home, I was able to get the work stuff done I needed and all packed...ready to go at 6pm.  Ok, 3 hours later than I intended but it's still light out at least! LOL.  Get on the road and about 20 minutes down the freeway....I realize I left the cupcakes!!! OMG!  so yes, I turned around in traffic and drove all the way back home to pick them up!  Crazy I know!  Oh well, I went ahead and stopped to get Mountain Dew since it looked like I would not be arriving to Mom's until about 2am at this point! 

Back on the road and like the drive between Sac and Vegas, the drive to LA is just boring.  Nothing but hills, moo cows, and lots of truck drivers!  I got honked at numerous times, almost run off the grapevine by this lovely Excursion and accidentally passed two Highway Patrol officers when perhaps I should not have! LOL.  Thanks to my fellow TBs who kept me company on the road despite the crappy cell reception I had most of the time!  I managed to make up an hour or so and I got in around 1:15am!  YEAH.  The only problem was.......I had to be up by 5am to get out and to the Burbank airport to pick up my attorney who was flying down for our work day in downtown LA!  

Why does it not surprise me's 3am, 4am, and I am still awake.  Dang Mountain worked too well! LOL.

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photo by: williamsworld