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The moonlight shining on the lake
Day 6:
I slept decently finally on a normal bed and not a hostel bunk! Woke up at 6AM, got ready, showered, and was downstairs by 6:45AM. Got there, met some cool people who were also going on my contiki trip, checked in, boarded the bus, and took off for dover to take the ferry to Amsterdam. On the way to amsterdam, a sheet of optional activities got passed around the bus and there were 2 in Amsterdam. One of them was a canal cruise with all you can drink beer/wine and the other was a live sex show. I'd been on the canal cruise last time I was in Amsterdam and it just didn't interest me. The girl I was sitting next to on the bus, also wasn't very interested in the canal cruise, we were, however, both interested in the sex show.
Shawna, extremely stoned, knocking on the locked door trying to get in...
We were about 1/2 way down the bus and when the clipboard got to us, we noticed no one else had signed up for the sex show. Eventually, the clipboard went all the way around and back to our tour manager, Ross. Ross looks it over and over the microphone, announces "will mark and shawna please raise their hands", not quite sure why, but we raised our hands, and he continues to say "everyone on the bus, those 2 are the perverts, watch out". Apparently we were the only 2 people out of a bus of 43 people ranging in age from 18-35 who signed up. Finally got to Amsterdam around 8:30pm, Shawna and I skipped the canal cruise and walked around with 2 other people who skipped the cruise and didn't know where to go (I was the only one of the 4 who had been to amsterdam before). Right away, Shawna and I took Ian and Mica to a Coffeeshop... we're in amsterdam, what else is there to do?! Here's the funny part of this, so the 2 other people that are following us just cause they didnt wanna go on the cruise either and didn't know where to go, Ian and Mica, so Ian was a former DEA agent and just recently quit to pursue some other government job. and Mica was a Mormon. So Shawna and I, with us, at a coffee shop in amsterdam, had a former DEA agent and a Mormon. Shawna and I of course purchased some stuff and went at it ASAP. Ian started asking us questions as to what its like and whether or not he should try it. We tried to explain to him what it was like and that if he wanted to try it, no pressure. He ended up bumming a few hits off my joint and just sitting there for a bit and then saying "hey, that wasn't anything like what I expected, I want some more" but Shawna and I were like "Woah there soldier, take it easy" but he insisted on buying himself another one. We then met up with the group who had just finished their canal ride, got a quick walking tour of the red light district (which we already checked out on our own briefly) We then went to the sex show we signed up for and let me tell you, its really much more classy and less raunchy than I expected. They even added some comedic elements to it and involved the audience in some of it (you'll have to go there and find out for yourself :P), the sex stage was rotating so u got to see it from all angels. The price was I believe around $25 euros for an hour and included 2 drinks (Alcoholic). After an hour, we left (got to see 5 acts). We met up with the group, quickly bought a pack of pre-rolled joints and boarded the bus to get back to the hotel. We got back around midnight but we had a pack of joints and weren't even close to being tired despite the 7AM wakeup time the following day. The hotel was on a lake so we sat by the lake and smoked away. We purchased 'white widow' for anyone who knows what that is, its STRONG. Between the two of us, Shawna and I split 3 over the course of a few hours and just sat there enjoying the weather and gazing up at the stars/clouds. We were ready to head in around 3:30AM, but to our dismay, the hotel was LOCKED and no one was answering the doorbell. We stood there and banged and banged on the door but nothing. Eventually I realized I had someone's phone number on the trip who could maybe let us in. So I called Paul (cool kid from australia) and of course, I woke him up, I appologized and asked him to let us in, he told me we were at the back door of the hotel and the front door will let us in. Who knew there was a front entrance!? especially in the state shawna and I were in, we were ready to get cozy and pass out by the lake! We walked around to the front of the hotel and its still locked, we stand and knock/ring  the bell for about 5 minutes and finally a stoned front desk guy comes and opens it for us. We quickly went to our rooms and PASSED OUT. (The following day, we found out that the doorman wasn't there to open the door for us because he was smoking out with one of the guys from our trip up in his room!)
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The moonlight shining on the lake
The moonlight shining on the lake
Shawna, extremely stoned, knocking…
Shawna, extremely stoned, knockin…
photo by: pearcetoyou