Day 11: Switzerland is basically pretty badass

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Lucerne, Switzerland
Day 11:
I was woken up by loud banging, turned out it was on the door to the room. I felt very disoriented, even more hungover, started to look around to see my roommate's stuff all gone. Take a look at the time and realize its 5 minutes PAST the departure time. I jump out of bed and start packing like crazy. The tour manager comes a few minutes later and is like "What the hell!?", to which I nonchalantly respond, "I need 2 more minutes". Got to the bus a few minutes later and as I'm getting on, everyone is looking at me like "WTF?" and i just try to yell out "WOO!" and realize i've lost my voice... I find the only seat on the bus, sit down, and then spend a good hour contemplating whether or not I needed a bag, haha. This was a very long and miserable ride while we traveled to Lucerne.
Lion Monument, Lucerne, Switzerland
We stopped at giant mountain on the way there, forgot the name, but took a gandola ride up to the top of the mountain, I could see it being beautiful, but it was very cloudy/foggy so it wasn't that great... Eventually, we arrived in Lucerne, got a very brief tour, showed us a nice watch shop and some swiss army knife boutiques. We then had free time, I was hanging out with a group of a few people, but then they wanted to do some shopping so I split away from them and decided to wander out on my own and ended up really seeing the city, not just the center, had a very nice walk, talked to some locals (because I got lost, haha), and checked out the Lion Monument. The day before, they warned us to pack a day/night pack for Lucerne because where the bus would be would make it difficult for everyone to get their shit, but, considering how the previous night and this morning went, all my stuff was shoved into one thing which was packed under the bus.
In the pool with a bunch of cool people in citybeaCH, Lucerne, Switzerland
I talked to the bus driver though, and he was pretty cool about it, the conversation basically went with me saying "so... uh... i didnt pack a daypack, think I can get my stuff out of the bus?" and he just laughed and said "I knew this was coming when I saw you get on the bus this morning", we shared a laugh and I got my stuff from the luggage compartment, a few other people forgot about the daypack situation, but he didn't let them get their stuff, they felt unfairly treated, I didn't care :P. We finally checked into the hotel, a nice place, had dinner, then went on a lake cruise which had 2 free drinks per person and additional drinks at good prices. So that night's drinking started there. We then went to quite possibly the coolest bar/club EVER, its called citybeaCH (aka Urban Oasis or City Beach).
With Natalie, shortly after getting out of the pool at citybeaCH, Lucerne Switzerland
This place was just all around amazing, had a giant pool in the middle of it, it was all outside, with some canopy and very nice couches with tents and sand, you just had to be there. So about 40 of us showed up there not knowing there would be a pool and of course everyone's like "yeah, I'm not going in", a few drinks later, the tour manager jumps in. Within the next few minutes, a few more guys jump in. Mind you, this is a HUGE pool (and an even bigger club/bar) and no one but a few guys from our group is in there, eventually, I jump in. A few more guys follow. It gets to about 10 guys in there and finally the girls start coming in :). We played some volleyball in there, dropped a few beers into the pool and had an all around GREAT time. This place closed around midnight so we had to get out of the pool eventually, I was completely wet , threw my shirt on but didn't wanna throw my jeans on because wet jeans don't dry... So its getting late and I'm following a large group of people thinking we're heading back to the hotel, I've had a number of drinks and am pretty tired. Turns out the group was on their way to another bar, didn't realize it till we were there, Club Roadhouse. The bouncer didn't let me in without my pants, so I had to put them on... We danced, drank some more, and eventually decided it was time to leave. Walked home with Alfred & Lewis, both really cool and down to earth.  Lucerne at night is beautiful, the lights reflection off the lake is amazing. We got to the hotel, hung out in the new "412", surfed the net a little bit, and then called it a night. What a great surprise, none of us expected anything from this small swiss town, but wow were we thrown off course!!!
mellemel8 says:
so this is what june 30, 2009 looks like :P
Posted on: Mar 27, 2009
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Lucerne, Switzerland
Lucerne, Switzerland
Lion Monument, Lucerne, Switzerland
Lion Monument, Lucerne, Switzerland
In the pool with a bunch of cool p…
In the pool with a bunch of cool …
With Natalie, shortly after gettin…
With Natalie, shortly after getti…
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