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The street our Hotel was on in Bastille Square.

This morning we woke up, Anna and I hitting up the Creperie again (So good!!). Wasn't hungover from the previous night thank god. We packed up our gear, check out was 10am. This was it. Some of the most awesome people you could meet who i'd had the priviledge of travelling with, Lori, Ruby & Ben from Spain, Portugal and through to Paris, and those who we met up with in Paris - and it was time to split up. Ruby, Lori, Ben & Jeff were continuing on with their travels. Anna, Mark and Derek were returning home. I was set to catch a train down to Montrachet Leucrusot to spend 5 days with my relatives in Saisy, Burgundy. We all said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I headed to Gare De Lyon where theres many TGV trains running throughout France.

View of the river Seine from Bastille Metro station.
For some reason it turned out to be cheaper for me to buy a return ticket in 1st class. Sweet by me.. although it was still 90 odd euros!!

The ride was uneventful, think I read a book and filled in my travel journal which I'm terrible at keeping! Finally I got off at my designated station. There was to meet my Grandmas cousins who I'd never met and my Grandma hasn't seen in years but has kept in close contact with. My Grandma is Welsh, her cousin Richard also Welsh & his wife Sue English. They chose to move to a quiet, relaxing life in Saisy a few years ago. So dragging my suitcase down the ramp I looked around me but wasn't too sure who I was looking for. I didn't realise how much younger Richard and Sue were than my Grandma so was suprised when I finally met them!! They seemed like really happy people.

Little cafe and really old thatched, timber beam roof hut in Saisy,
I rambled on telling them about my adventures so far this year on the car trip to their home. I'm always like that when I meet new people, especially with relatives who I feel I should kind of know already.

The drive was about 30 minutes and the scenery spectacular. We saw a hawk coming up from canal with a fish in it's beak, many boats along the canal and everything was so green and fresh. Then we came into the wine regions. Row after row of vineyards, funny looking tractors that tend the vines and still, blue skies. Little towns passed us and as explained to me on the way, most of them are ancient, going back to medieval times. They said they planned on showing me around some of the nicer ones in the following days.

We arrived in the small village of Saisy and got to their lil house which is adorable! I was to be sleeping in the cottage just over the road from them.

Garden at the back of my cottage where we had BBQs!
That night some of their friends, Margret & Tony with their guests Kate & Steve, came over for a visit and apperitifs (Drinkies!!). We sat in their garden which is quite large and enjoyed the warm clear evening. It was a pleasant visit, Tony developing a small crush on me I think, haha. They left just before 8pm and Richard got the bbq cranking. Haven't had a bbq since home so I was pretty excited to say the least, not to mention hungry. I'd enjoyed a couple of glasses of red wine and enjoyed the bbq even more! It was a really good first evening in Saisy and I really enjoyed the company and conversation with Rich and Sue.

Went to bed around 11ish. Was pretty tired, but found I couldn't get to sleep straight away. It was odd, I'd spent the last 3 weeks sleeping in not so comfortable places, Car, concrete floor of Pablos hut, dodgey beds in Madrid and sleeping with in spitting distance of Anna and Ben in Paris. So it was great to have a double bed to myself in my own cottage. But instead I felt quite lonely. For the first time in 6months I was sleeping on my own. So it took awhile to adjust, but knowing I was waking up early at 8am got me to sleep soon after!!


Bondy2007 says:
Rellies...*shakes head at aussie slang :p
Posted on: Sep 30, 2008
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The street our Hotel was on in Bas…
The street our Hotel was on in Ba…
View of the river Seine from Basti…
View of the river Seine from Bast…
Little cafe and really old thatche…
Little cafe and really old thatch…
Garden at the back of my cottage w…
Garden at the back of my cottage …
The view from the garden.
The view from the garden.
photo by: hannah-lou