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The Leaning Tower of Friesland (Oldehove)

The drive to the foreign land of Friesland was rather uneventful.  We made it through customs (Quim and Matt cannot confirm as the both slept as we crossed the border) and into Leeuwarden a little before 4PM.  Dropped Quim at the hotel Campianelle on the edge of town then into the center for the Eden Oranje.  I'm definitely happy I booked early, as the location of the Eden is perfect, right across from the station, and the hotel is very nice.  Am writing this blog in fact from the patio outside the hotel right wireless (for 1 hour) and free wired internet on public PC's in the lobby, nice, comfortable beds, etc.

My car happens to be a little large, and I had some difficulty getting it parked in the Eden parking lot, but after squeezing it in (and myself out of the car), Matt and I went in to check in and relax before dinner.

  Well, as we're checking in, who should come waltzing in but "The Big W" herself, The Organizer...Wendy.  She happenned to be at the VVV right around the corner and heard we were at the hotel, so she popped in.  The nap disappeared and after quickly dropping off our stuff, we ran back downstairs to join Wendy for some Ice Cream at Min 21 around the corner and a quick little walking tour of some sights.

Wendy showed us the VVV, the location of the dinner and drinks on Saturday evening and then brought us to Pisa...well, ok, not Pisa, but the leaning tower of Leeuwarden, the Oldehove.  I don't know how a building of that size can lean like that, but it does, and it looks cool!  A quick walk through the Noorderplantage and Prinsentuin, almost playing Wedding Crashers, and then we hopped over to Wendy's apartment so she could charge up her cell phone.

The pre meet-up gang. Sanne, Brett, John, Matt, Rowena, Wendy, Wuim, Edwin, Femke, Micky
  It was now approaching 5:30 so we checked in on Quim who was done with his nap so we ran over and picked him up then headed back over to the Waag, pronounced Wa{phlegmy coughing sound} to meet up with Londonstudent (John) and head over to Las Tapas for dinner.

We soon were met by Femke and Vanhalme (Femke and Edwin), Jamarek (Rowena) and Sanne...and received the phone call we had been waiting for.  Mickey is alive!  Unfortunately, he had lost his cell phone in Copenhagen so couldn't get in touch in Amsterdam, but he managed to cross the border on his own and made it  up to Leeuwarden.

We shared our 30 or so dishes of Tapas and a few litres of sangria, then headed off to Sneek for the opening ceremonies of Sneekweek...the parade of boats and fireworks...

Wendyveer says:
Heeeey, Soooo Great... Gives me a good feeling!
Posted on: Aug 04, 2008
metsbwd says:
oops...thanks :-) The danger of draft entries...I usually try to finish and publish in one go...
Posted on: Aug 04, 2008
FlyingDutchman79 says:
Hahaha, Brett, you still left the keywords at the bottom...

Great story!
Posted on: Aug 04, 2008
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The Leaning Tower of Friesland (Ol…
The Leaning Tower of Friesland (O…
The pre meet-up gang.

Sanne, Br…
The pre meet-up gang. Sanne, B…
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