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Drove into Sneek for the opening ceremonies.  We went with three cars, all being driven by people not familiar with the city.  Of course, before we could get to our destination, the GPS brought us down a road that was closed for the ceremonies.  Quick change of the shotgun seat and Wendy brought us on the more winding route the rest of the way to where we parked on someone's lawn and wandered into town to watch the festivities.

We got there around 10:30, and there was barly a meter of free space anywhere along the river.  I managed to squeeze up near a boat moored along the river and had a decent angle of the boats going past the "reviewing stand" tower, when I received an invite to go onto boat to take more pictures!  Awesome.

..I'm on a boat ont he river during the parade of boats during the Sneekweek festivities.  Took my pictures then swapped so Edwin, Rowena and Micky could go up as well. 

After the parade of boats came the fireworks.  The fireworks were on a barge right in the center of the river...I have to admit, I have never been so close to where the fireworks were being set was quite cool!  And the fireworks were awesome!

After the fireworks we cross over the now closed drawbridge and over to the carnival area where we watched some of the rides for a while then went to find a place with enough room for 10 people to sit for a drink.  I bore the brunt of jokes with my order of a coke-light, but hey...sometimes you have to be responsible and not drink alcohol when you have to drive.

..especially when you have a car full of friends.  Hopefully when we get back to Leeuwarden...

Everyone was drove back into Leeuwarden.  Decided before we hit town that there wouldn't be much of any going out, so the people at the Campianelle all just went back to their hotel while those of us in the center went back to our hotel.  Dropped Wendy off at home then back to the Eden.  The parking at the hotel was full, so had the GPS lead me to the garage nearby.  Unfortunately, the big concrete barrier in front of the garage entrance wasn't in my GPS, so I couldnt make the demanded left turn', so I turned right.  Sure, I saw the do not enter sign...but had no choice.  As I was turning around to go back to the main road, some cops rode up next to me and asked me to pull over.  After quicky explaining that I was just trying to park and the GPS had steered me wrong, they gave me the proper directions and I made it back to park and we called it a night.

Wendyveer says:
Brett, whooo, You did a great Job....Your pics and blog is great!
Posted on: Aug 04, 2008
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photo by: vances