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My dad and I

I learned how to dive while living in Hawai'i and unfortunately do not get many opportunities to enjoy it.  There is something about diving in a quarry or off the Jersey Shore that doesn't appeal to me as much as, Bonaire. haha

My father dives as well so we booked an excursion with Stuart Cove's prior to our trip.  I felt a lot better knowing everything was set.  All of my previous dives were done in Hawai'i, more spur of the moment.  This was first time I would be diving with my father.  I was actually a little nervous.  I kept grilling him, "You're sure you healthy enough to do this?  Do you remember what you need to do?"  He assured me it would be like riding a bike.

Sunken Cessna



We did a 2 tank AM dive, so we got picked up pretty early.  There were a few people from our hotel that were going also, most of them on the full day trip.  Everyone had their own equipment and they were preparing things as we waited.  Now I am pretty much a novice.  Up until the Bahamas I had only done 6 dives.  I have to admit I was a little intimidated.

The ride to Stuart’s Cove took quite a while, as it was across New Providence Island.  We also had MANY stops along the way.  The bus went from being nice and spacious, to pretty cramped in about 10 minutes.

  I was actually surprise that they didn’t have 2 buses run, one for Paradise Island and one for New Providence Island.


  I guess it is a six-one-half dozen situation.  It must not have made a difference.

Our first dive was at “Wreck on the Wall.”  It is exactly what it claims to be, a long sea wall.  It was pretty interesting because it was nice reef and then all of a sudden wide open ocean.

  I really didn’t get too close to the edge.  Like I said, I am still new to diving and I just knew that out of no where I would see something I didn’t want to, like a shark.  Right on the edge of the reef was an old wooden wreck.  Most of it was gone, but I found this pretty interesting.  I had never seen a wreck before, and being a person that loves history and mystery and all that sort, I swam above the wreck trying to imagine the people that were on it and what it must have looked like.

Our second dive was at “Nari Nari”, which means stingray I think.  Apparently at this site you can see lots of rays.  There were two points to dive to.  One was an old shark cage left from the filming of “MythBusters”, a show on the Discovery Channel.  That was pretty funny because a girl diving with us worked for the Discovery Channel.  She was involved with filming “Deadliest Catch”.  (I love that show!)  The other spot was a sunken Cessna that was used in the filming of one of the “JAWS” movies.  We did not see any stingrays, and I was a little disappointed.  I really liked seeing the Cessna, and was able to have some cool pictures taken.

Stevie_Wes says:
Love the dive photos pal! I've been learning since Feb and just yesterday got back from my first open-sea diving trip (blog to follow). I had only done 4 quarry dives before that trip so was just as nervous about stuff as you... but I've done it all in one fabulous week, conquered my fear of submerged wreckage, swum with 25 foot sharks, seals and it! But can't wait to get to nicer, warmer waters :D
Posted on: Aug 10, 2008
Real_PeaceWarrior says:
The diving looks great, shame about the lack of Stingrays, but it mighta been a blessing in disguise, they're not always friendly!
Posted on: Aug 09, 2008
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Conga line!

Señor Frog’s was our destination for dinner one evening.  Of course, this led to some teasing about ordering frog legs for my goddaughter.  She seemed excited about dinner and even more when we arrived and she saw the giant frogs everywhere.

The last time I was in the Bahamas we went to Senor Frog’s.  I really didn’t remember too much about it except the conga line that leads you to a person that pours alcohol down your throat…my kind of place.

There was a large group of us so of course we ordered a TON of food.  Lo and behold, Frog Leg was a drink on the menu.  I took full advantage of that and showed it to my goddaughter.

Before long a clown came around and made us crazy balloon hats to where.  They started having a dance competition on the bar which ended in the contestants racing to collects as many pairs of shoes as they could.  We tried to help the cause, but our guy didn’t win.

FINALLY the conga line came, and Kristen and I hopped on it.  I usually avoid the conga line as much as possible, but I make an exception at Señor Frog’s.  The kids really got a kick out of seeing us dance around.  The night was a lot of fun and it was nice to have a crazy dinner atmosphere.  We didn’t stay the whole night, because as you can see the kids were pretty pooped.

My dad and I
My dad and I
Sunken Cessna
Sunken Cessna
Conga line!
Conga line!
Right before the dance/shoe gather…
Right before the dance/shoe gathe…
Dance floor
Dance floor
Told you...pooped.
Told you...pooped.
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