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Leaving Italy
at 2:45am the dreaded end arrives.  Actually, I was more dreading getting up than I was leaving.  I am actually excited about the adventure that awaits me.  Ang and I get up and pick up our stuff and head out to the bus stop.  We are catching a water bus by our hotel that goes to Murano and then taking a different water bus to the airport.  My flight to Amsterdam has a 6:25am I'm kind of nervous about getting there on time.  It is so eerie waiting at the bus stop.  It's so dark and silent that when a boat shows up we are nervous.  It doesn't look anything like the day time buses.  It just looks like someone's personal boat.
  We hesitate a little and then decide that hell if this man wants to take us to Murano, fine!  We get to Murano and man, if I was scared on the mainland...this is even creepier.  It was so crowded yesterday on this island, and right now it seems desolate.  I mailed some postcards and took pictures to try to keep myself from being to weirded out.  I told Angela it felt like being in the middle of a horror movie.  What a perfect setting it would be.  This creepy little island with no escape...yuck!  We had about 40 minutes to wait, and I felt such relief when the water bus showed up.  I slept most of the way to the airport and then it was game time.  It is a 7 minute walk (that's what the signs say, but Ang and I walk fast) to the terminal from the waterbus stop.
Creepy Murano at night
  We get in and go our separate ways.  She is flying Lufthansa to Frankfurt and I'm flying KLM to Amsterdam.  They have a strange non-rev process here in Venice.  You wait out by the ticket counter to be cleared a seat.  She says they'll clear seats at 5:55am.  In my head it seems impossible that I can then make it through security and to the gate on time.  However, I assume I am not the guinea pig to this process and they probably know better than me.  At 5:45 she calls me over...I have a seat to Amsterdam.  I tell ya, it was like winning the lottery!  I tell Angela I'm on and wish her luck.  Her flight is at 7:10am so she still has a little bit.
The Bus Stop - just keeping myself occupied so I wouldn't be scared
  I make it through security and to the gate by 6:10 and they aren't even boarding.   So something interesting that happens as we were boarding.  The gate agent gets in this argument with a young guy with a bag that is too big she says.  The argument is in Italian, but I get the point.  She is saying he has to go back and check it and he is saying that if he does then he will miss the flight.  This goes on and on and another guy gets involved and it appears he is scolding the gate agent.  So I'm on the bus that takes you to plane and we are waiting and waiting and the young guy comes out without the backpack.  The guy that had gotten involved before asks him what happened to his bag.  (They are now talking in English).  The young guy says that he left it and the other guy explodes.  He says look at my bags.  He has like 3 of them (he has a wife and kids), but his bags are all larger than the guys backpack had been.  So this older guy tells the young guy that it is because he is black.  So we get on the plane and turns out the young black guy is sitting behind me and this other guy is in front of me.  So I can hear first hand the drama continue.  The other guy gets the flight attendant involved and then more conversation ensues.  Anyway, to shorten this story.  We got hit with an ATC hold after boarding, so the captain of the plane decides to get this guys bag on the plane while we wait.  Then the lady across from me and her husband start making a ruckus.  They keep demanding that we leave and the FA keeps telling them that our ATC hold is 45 minutes and we have to wait, but the lady next to me insists we are just waiting for this kids bag to be loaded.  Finally, the FA just turns and leaves and the Captain comes out and tells this lady that there is an ATC hold and we can't leave and that if she keeps causing problems she can get off his plane.  It was funny.  She shut-up the rest of the flight.   The rest of the flight is uneventful and we get to Amsterdam I see why we had an ATC.  The weather is crap here.  I'm kind of sad, because I intended to just walk around and take a canal cruise.  I walk around for an hour to see if the weather improves, but it doesn't.  So I decide to just pick one flight to anywhere in the United States and see if I get on it.  I choose Hartford, CT, because I know I can make it back to Milwaukee if I get to Hartford.  The lady at the ticket counter says it doesn't look good.  Which is fine with me.  I am really just hanging out in the airport so I don't have to go out in the rain... and then what do you know... I make it on.  It is kind of bittersweet.  It's good to know I can make it home, but I'm sad I wont get to spend the day in Amsterdam.  I guess I'll have to save that for another trip! And wouldn't you know it, as we are on the runway, I notice the weather breaking.  Shoot!!!
Glamma1 says:
~This was such an interesting read! Thanks so much for sharing and wonderful pictures!!!
Posted on: Jun 23, 2011
sclark521 says:
Ah!!! That was a lovely trip!! I feel like I was there with you!
Posted on: Jul 19, 2009
freak0ut says:
I'm so sad! School starts on Tuesday and you've finished writing about Italy. Summer's over :(
Posted on: Aug 31, 2008
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Leaving Italy
Leaving Italy
Creepy Murano at night
Creepy Murano at night
The Bus Stop - just keeping myself…
The Bus Stop - just keeping mysel…
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