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So after months of planning and worrying the time is finally here to make my first non-rev trip out of the country.   I wake up after about 2 hours of sleep (thanks to a 4:28am phone call from Angela about nothing) and get ready to go to the airport.  My goal is to fly into LGA and then take a shuttle to JFK.  However, the LGA flight is booked full, so I am also fully prepared to fly to Newark instead.  Of course the Newark flight leaves first and the gates couldn't be further apart so... I watch the LaGuardia flight right up until two revenue stand-bys check-in and I decide to just fly to Newark.  I'm all settled into my seat when I call Angela to find out that she is somehow stuck in Columbus.  Apparently all 3 flight options she had went out full...Uh Oh  looks like I may be starting this adventure alone!  Even though I have promised myself I will study Italian on the flight and save sleeping for the international flight... I somehow wake-up to landing in Newark.  Oops!  First things first I call Angela.  She had to use her American ticket to Rome and exchange it in order to get to LaGuardia.  Luckily, she has other tickets.  So she should be in New York in about 3 hours.  Sigh of Relief!!

Everything else goes completely smoothly.  I had been worried about using my passport with my maiden name and a ticket with my married name, but it didn't seem to matter to anyone.  Thank goodness!  Angela showed up and we even got exit row seats next to each other for the flight. we come!!!

SamJo says:
Wow!! What a Trip! I loved reading about it. I wish I could've stayed longer. You were in Italy for 10 days, and it seems there was still so much to see!

And for the record...I read this whole blog in one sitting (with a brief stop for dinner in between). It was THAT entertaining.

What a great blogger you are!!!
Posted on: Sep 06, 2008
dolcetlb says:
WOW! I just finished reading your blog and enjoyed it. What a fantastic trip you had to Italy. I'll be going there in November, and will be going to some of the same places.
Posted on: Aug 14, 2008
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