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It’s a town in suburb of Kigoma city, on Lake Tanganyika. Ujiji was an important settlement of Arab and Swahili ivory and slave traders between c.1850 and c.1890. The explorer Henry M. Stanley successfully ended his search for David Livingstone at Ujiji on 1871.

“Dr. Livingstone I presume? “, the immortal greetings from British-born American explorer Henry Morton Stanley to an exhausted Dr David Livingstone.

A greeting that made this little part of TZ still talked about.

Dr Livingstone "Museum":

First time I went there I must admit I was not impressed, probably because all my friends had talked about it like it was a big deal, so I was expecting more.

But still it is worthy to go and listen to this old and sweet man dedicated to tell the stories of Livingstone. He has been taking care of this museum for years and years, waiting for the rare visitors to share the adventures of Livingstone. He talked to the group passionately for half hour telling us from the birth to the death of Livingstone, I have to admit that I though that English language being only my third language I could not catch the story because of his strong accent…

Well I was wrong…after the speech, I timidly asked my friend (who’s from UK) to explain some of what he had understood!

It happens that everyone was pretending to understand and giving the eye contact to this passionate man and smiling once in a while when everyone was actually trying to figure out what he was talking about!

Today, there’s not much remains at Ujiji to remember the meeting of Livingstone and Stanley except a small plaque and an amateurish museum with some crude paintings to mark the scene.

Nothing impressive, unless you are an intrepid traveller and fanatic of history…however, It’s worth visiting (if you are in the area) this place just to support this old man and his passion for these explorers, the “museum” is surviving thanks to the visitors contributing with donations.

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photo by: heiss