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So I set off from Manchester airport on the most expensive looking plane I’ve been on, economy where I was looked great but the first class seats at the front were out of this world with fully reclining seats. In economy there were cushions on the seats and the entertainment available included every number 1 from 1950 to 2007 and over 100 films that could be started whenever the passenger fancied watching them. I decided to watch Chicago first as it is on my list of films to see before I die thanks to its best picture award at the Oscars I followed this film up with a viewing of St Trinians definitely the worst film I’ve seen for a while and a real disappointment. The row in which I was sat on the plane was empty and thus I had the luxury of being able to put my feet up while having an unrestricted view of the window. While on the plain to Dubai I was provided an in-flight meal of a chicken Curry and decided after a coffee to wash this down with a brandy and later a can of Budweiser beer


Approaching Dubai I was struck by the almost endless rows of lights marking the streets it is reminiscent of the straight roads that are observed flying into Chicago airport but as it is newer and potentially bigger it is a more impressive sight. The city from the plain although it was late appeared modern. Inside the airport there are palm trees however I was lucky in that I was able to board the next flight quickly and so did not spend much time in the airport. What did strike me was row after row of people sleeping underneath airport seats.


On the flight to Korea itself I was blessed again to have a window seat however i mainly slept on this flight breaking my sleep only to enjoy a mixed grill and watch the bucket list a fine film featuring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholas trying to do everything they have ever wanted to do before they die of cancer. Lunch consisted of chicken noodles and due to it being my first drink of the day I washed it down with a vodka and orange which was delightful. At one point I opened my window and observed what I imagine to be the Tibetan mountains a very impressive view indeed and it is only by seeing them like this that I have truly appreciated their magnificent height.


Leaving Seoul Incheon airport I was mobbed by Taxi drivers trying to pressure me both inside the terminal vocally and outside by beeping their horns not a great situation when all you want to do is get to your destination as quickly and cheaply as possible! Thankfully soon I had paid 19000 won for a direct ti cheong ju with the journey only taking 2hrs 20 minutes. In the country apart from plentiful rice fields little appears different to anywhere else I have been with surrounding trees and quite a few road bridges, inside the city however was a different matter arriving at approximately dusk the bright lights and Korean writing gave the feeling of being a real adventurer a feeling that I do indeed crave but is daunting all the same.


The Taxi man in the car I caught to Fiona’s apartment spoke very little English and even after I showed him the address I wasn’t sure that he would be able to find my friend’s apartment anyway we set off and eventually he pointed to a tower block similar to thousands throughout Korea white buildings with numbers on the side and charged me 10,000 won.


I first managed to enter the wrong apartment 301, 301 whereas Fiona’s was 101,101 so after scaring a half naked woman I managed to find the right apartment. It was a great sense of satisfaction to eventually knock on the right door over 24 hours and 1,000s of miles from my own.
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photo by: bvlbaseball