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Yikes a lot has happened since I last wrote. First we went to Langkawi to haul the boat out. That went pretty well. We docked the boat in a slip, the crane moved over us and picked us up so we were hanging just out of the water, and we stepped off the stern onto the dock before the lifted the boat completely and put it on blocks on the ground. The next day we spent alllll day sanding the boat to prep it for painting. It was like old times in the yard. We had painting suits and respirators but all of us still felt a bit itchy by the end of the day. The next day we were painted by the yard workers and most of us spent the day wandering around town a bit. We ended up having to hand dry the last bits of paint with hair dryers before being put back in the water that evening and heading back to Phuket.

Once back at the marina we had a day off before we started the last push until shipmates arrived. All of us except for Kevin rented a car and went exploring for the day. First we stopped at the mall to do a few errands and have lunch. I had the best sushi, and then my favorite sandwich from Au Bon Pain. It was soooooooo good. Then we were on the way to the beach when we saw the go kart range, so we stopped and I experienced my first go kart driving. It was fun, and although I wasn’t the speediest of drivers, I managed just fine thank you very much. After ten minutes on the real track we did a couple laps on the “offroad” version, and I had a good time slamming into big dirt moguls and going through water traps. When we finally made it to the beach we all went to a massage place, and I got a foot massage while the others got oil massages.
After a late dinner at a Mexican place we finally headed back to the boat, it was a pretty long but really nice day. Since then we’ve been doing boat work and stuff to get ready for the shipmates, who are arriving today at about midnight. Yesterday Chantale and I spent the entire day doing the provisioning for the next trip. First we went to one grocery store and did a complete round of shopping, then we went to the other store and did another complete round there. We have a lot of food… I spent the rest of the night putting food away and watching Grey’s Anatomy, which has been kind of consuming all of us. Tomorrow we leave the dock for an island a couple miles away from here, then back to Phi Phi Don and Langkawi, before heading of to the Maldives in a couple weeks. I don’t know when the next time I’ll be able to write is, but I hope to have some good stories by then.

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