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We all woke up and went for some lovely breakfast at Mei Mei cafe and asked about visiting a local Dai temple. A guy said it would cost 130 Yuan to visit but for 100 Yuan his friend would take us. We asked the waitress to write down the name of a different temple and returned to the hostel to change into appropriate clothing. We then hopped in a taxi and after two minutes and 6 Yuan we were there. It was a really lovely quiet calm and relaxing place with a few very cute local children playing and chatting to us. We took our time and enjoyed the effect of the calming atmosphere. Afterwards we packed up and strolled to the Bank of China taking our time....just likeeveryone else seemed to be. Unfortunately it was not possible to change Chinese Renminbi to Lao Kip so we went on to the manic bus station where a hyperactive little tout-ladytried to help but got us tickets to the wrong place. Speaking to the ticket vendor ourselves we managed just fine and bought 3 x one way tickets to Mengla (44 Yuan). After a pleasant three and a half trip we arrived in the final outpost of Chinese civilization - the border town of Mengla. A tout who was like a cross between Dell boy and Short Round from Indiana Jones immediately approached us to sell Laos Kip, find a hotel and also bring us to our Dutch friend who had arrived earlier that day. Anyway, long story short, he took us to Jeroen's (our Dutch friend) hotel whoch was like something out of a horror movie - "HOSTEL" - the bit where they take the guests to a room and drill into their knees and kill them....aaaagh!!
Thankfully there was another place just down the road that was much much better! So, the four of us went for a wander and some food and really wondered what it must be like to live in this place....there was absolutely nothing to do!
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