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Basically, one of the coolest holidays EVER!!! A long long loooooooooooooooooong time ago, a group of pissed off british guys were angry at the King for continuing to persecute the Catholics. The solution: let's blow up the Houses of Parliament!! Unfortunately for Guy, someone had tipped off the authorities and was found in the cellar of the HoP with 36 barrels of gun powder in the weeeeee morning hours of November 5. He was then tortured and executed. That was then. This is now: Every November 5th, brits unite as one by drinking theirselves into an oblivion and holding bonfires around the country to burn an effigy of Guy Fawkes (among many other things such as GWB and Winnie the Pooh) It's a bonfire spectacular!!!! followed by the BEST fireworks show I have ever seen in my life. Seriously. Imagine an hour straight of fireworks blowing up only 100 feet away from you ripping through pictures of our president and the prime minister (you have to realize I lived in Europe when the war was breaking out). It's awesome. If you ever want to attend this fantastic party of sorts, head to Lewes. It's meant to be the best in the whole country. And, its only a 10 minute train ride away from Brighton.
travelman727 says:
Thanks for the great report! I attended Guy Fawkes Day in Lewes in the 1990s. There's a photo of the event in my Mark's Miscelaneous Madcap Maneuvers travel blog.
Posted on: Jan 18, 2007
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photo by: Vikram