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Our group on Top of a US tank in Vietnam

It’s incredible, how the more you travel the more you want to travel! We started planning this trip right after we returned from Southeast Asia in July 2006. Our fascination with Asia was infatuating and we began talking about the possibility of going back again, but this time in search of more exotic locations, practically untouched by the shadow of time.

Cambodia and Vietnam were definitely on the top of our list. We knew some people that had visited these countries and said they had loved it. Some of us had read a bit about Angkor Wat and Vietnam and found them interesting. Each one of us had his / her personal reason to go. I wanted to go because I was fascinated by what I knew about the Khmer Empire and as an American I was interested with the Vietnam War and with Vietnamese resilience during centuries of trying to fight off the Mongols, the Chinese, the French and the United States; this trip would be the chance of going back in time without having to have a Time Machine.

Part of our group at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

After New Years, we started our brainstorming sessions on our travel plan. Thanks to the use of new collaborative online applications like Writeboard and Google Spreadsheets we were able to organize our trip without practically ever having to meet. In March all our tickets were bought and our itinerary planned. On the 4th of April 2007 we were off on a 19 day trip to Cambodia and Vietnam (with stops in Amsterdam, Bangkok and Singapore).

We are a group of 9 good friends who love to travel. My name is Michael, known at TravBuddy as Yasuo. My girlfried is Rute and our friends are Pedro, Elsa, Miguel, Susana, João, Leonor and Daniel.

This Travbuddy Blog is our story. It is for anyone who is thinking of traveling to these countries or just interested in them. It describes practically all of our adventures and gives an extensive historical / documentary style description of the beautiful locations visited.

From Left to Right: Daniel, Miguel, Pedro (Top Left), Elsa, Susana, Rute, Leonor and João. I'm the guy taking the picture.
I hope you love reading it as much as we loved being there. Be advised that Cambodia and Vietnam aren’t for everyone; they are only for those travelers who are willing to see things as they really are.

P.S. Wikipedia helped me out a lot in planning this trip and writing this Blog. Please support Wikipedia and keep free information alive!

Have a Great Trip!


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Our group on Top of a US tank in V…
Our group on Top of a US tank in …
Part of our group at Angkor Wat, C…
Part of our group at Angkor Wat, …
From Left to Right: Daniel, Miguel…
From Left to Right: Daniel, Migue…
photo by: Johnpro