Tour day 5 – Potholes with occasional roads, bugs at Nata lodge

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Beutiful sun!

Having the memory of gospel singing around the campfire still tingling our senses, we woke up at 6 the next morning and had as quick a breakfast as is humanly possible, preparing to head for Botswana at 7.  There was, however,  at least enough time to take in the sights of Bennie’s parents’ house in daylight. 

The house was right next to a small round hut that was Bennie’s dad’s first house, and the one that Bennie grew up in.  This was made from termite mound mud, and was probably only about as big as the lounge room of their current abode.  Laura was then treated to a tour of the vegetable garden from Bennie’s dad, they had quite an impressive irrigation system set up.  We could alos see the trays of chillies that Bennie’s dad was drying for sale at the market.

We gathered the family together for a quick group shot and then were underway.

Campsite at Nata lodge, many, many bugs! There was agreat little bar at this place for future reference, but we stuck with cans by the campfire!
  Our first stop was the fast food restaurant Wimpy’s, where we picked up our new group member Claire (from Narabri in Australia, not to be confused with Nairobi which I almost wrote) and who grew up in Sydney.  It sounds like she had had an interesting morning, having awoken to a knock on her door at about 4am indicating she needed to quickly get in a truck, but not having been fore-warned of this!

So with our new group member in tow, we were underway.  Along the way as we drove through a speed trap, we were waved through with Bennie jokingly telling us “that’s my uncle” J

This was very much a driving day, along some quite terrible roads, which were more pothole than road in places. I use the term road in the loosest sense of the word.

A typical representation of the Botswanan roads, more pothole than road :)
  There were goats and cows galore by the roadside, when asked about this Bennie wasn’t sure why they don’t use fences either. He’d certainly have preferred that to constantly watching for animals on the road!

It was a relatively easy border crossing to Botswana, where we had a celebratory beer at the petrol station as well as trying  a nice ‘creamy soda’ ice cream. We were also able to change some Rand in to Pula (the signs indicated to look closely at the dye on the notes). Lunch followed at a Portugese chicken place (called Barcelos) in Francistown, they had a weird rule on beer – purchasing time couldn’t be between 2:30 and 5:30 (I assume so people go back to work J )

Finally we arrived at Nata lodge which had a quite beautiful section with an incredible fountain/bar and pool area.  We only really saw this when buying beers to take back to our campsite but it seemed one to note for any future travels.

The one downside was an absolutely incredible number of bugs flying around while preparing dinner.  We offered to cook up the stir fry dinner tonight but this became quite an exercise with the bugs.  Cooking required the two of us, one to stir the food, and one to hold a head torch about 2 metres away so that the bugs wouldn’t be drawn near the food.  We also kept the truck running with it’s headlights on to try and draw some of the critters away!

With the meal prepared, as bug-free as possible, we set the table, by which we mean used a dustpan and brush to clear bugs away! We were all fairly tired so just wound down drinking some Lion beers around the campfire J


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Beutiful sun!
Beutiful sun!
Campsite at Nata lodge, many, many…
Campsite at Nata lodge, many, man…
A typical representation of the Bo…
A typical representation of the B…
photo by: Torwart