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Being used to the Swiss alps, I was glad someone allready warned me that this mountain was going to be a bit more crowded. Thousends of Chinese are walking on the steep, narrow stairs that are cut in to this holy mountain. Talking on there cellphone, screaming at each other, but having the time of there life.

If you really want to experience the mountain, they say, you should climb it at night to see the sunrise once you're on top. Not for me this time. I took the cablecar up, which was really nice. After that I climbed to the North peak and i did some short trails to the other side. Dragons ridge looks really spectacular from  afar. It's a really steep climb, with just steps and chains to hold on to. Don't think to much, just put one foot in front of the other. The views are beautiful, but you can't see very far because of the smoq. But still it was really worth all the waiting, the noice and the sore muscles the day after:-)

I was suppost to stay the rest of the day in Huashan, too. But it was a boring place. So i tried to explaine at the front desk that i didn't want to leave tomorrow, but now! That was very confusing to her, but when I came with my key and my backpack on she got the idea and put me on the bus to Xian. The bus goes every 10 minutes and it took me an hour and a half to get to the train station in Xian. On the bus I met a woman from Taiwan and we talked and talked, so it was a pleasant drive. The hostel was a 15 minute walk from there and lookes really nice. Only the showers are crab and almost everyone is snoring in my room, but for the rest it's oke. Tomorrow come the terracotta warriors!

zillahdeGroot says:
You don't need any of that. It's just steps and a good path. I don't know what The Plank is, but I haven't seen any one with climbing gear or places you can rent. So I guess, you don't need it. It felt more like a day trip for families.
Hope you'll have a great time!
Posted on: Aug 27, 2012
danne_lindwall says:
Hi there,

Thanks for the info. Just a simple question, do you need to bring a harness and karabiners or can you rent that there? I'm thinking about doing the Plank walk while there, but I'm confused whether or not I should bring my gear?

Thanks a lot in beforehand.

Posted on: Aug 27, 2012
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photo by: jimcowdrill