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I'm currently spending the night here in Honolulu because my flight leaves here early in the morning.  In essence, I'm kind of forced to stay but I'm not complaining!  First off, I use public transit cause its affordable and clean with just $2 from the airport to anywhere.  The big mistake I made was hoping on the one that went to Hickam Airforce Base which I'm not allowed to enter.  That meant a 30 minute wait in the heat outside until the driver came back around.  About an hour and a half later (yes can you believe it?) I made it to my hotel where I missed my stop and had to walk about 4 blocks back :).  Exercise is great!  I check in to the Maile Sky Court hotel which is in a great location if you're a shopper.  The room rates are great too for Honolulu/Waikiki though lacking in luxury but who needs that!  I tried to stay confined to the hotel to get a good nights rest however, forgetting my passport photos and guide books led me on a wild ride around Honolulu.  I don't come from a big city so navigating my way around these kinds of places are a little frustrating for me.  First, I hate using taxi's cause they're so expensive here but I had to get to Kinko's somehow.  I got there and within minutes, got my photos and a binder (what I'm an organization freak!)  My sister works for the Honolulu Trolly as a driver (ask for Lisa on the Blue Line!) so I was lucky to get a free ride back to my hotel :).  I felt a little guilty though because I got pushed ahead of the line passing all the nice Japanese families (lot of cute girls too omg...)  After getting back, my sister and I had dinner at Petit Garlic, a nice little Italian place in a small corner.  I finally got to bed at around 11pm... did I mention that I was up all night before and all day?

Got up at 4:30... then at 4:35... then again at 4:50 and got my a** in gear finally.  Quick shower to soothe thy self and off to the airport I go.  The receptionist said I should have been there an hour ago but what does he know!  I got to my terminal on time and checked in fine.  I was a little nervous about the girl wondering where my Vietnamese visa was but I had to explain that I have a pre-approval letter.  She reluctantly passed me on and I boarded the plane beautifully.

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photo by: crystalware