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I cannot believe the day has finally come!  So listen, I get off work at 5:30 in the morning and commute for 2 hours back home (thats right, I work at night and commute!).  I get home thinking I have enough time for my flight which I did in theory.  The funny thing is, I still had to do some laundry and dye my hair because you know I hate being held down by the man.  My heart began to race as I realized I have about three hours to get my butt in gear before my flight leaves.  I got all the other stuff done with an hour to spare.  I still had to pack mind you...  So I'm running around like a nut, yelling at everyone in the house because I can't find things!  I managed to pack all what I needed before my flight leaves in 25 minutes EXCEPT my damn guide books!!  I mostly need them for the maps than anything else but I guess I'll have to make do and figure it out when I get there.  I boarded my flight safely and wouldn't you know, I was the last one to check in and beat the 15 minute mark.  Luckily Hilo has a small airport so getting around is pretty straight forward and quick.  I got to Honolulu to begin my next part of the pre-adventure adventure!
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photo by: vances