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Ahhhh, I couldn't rip off my jeans and t-shirt and jump into my bikini fast enough. We have arrived! And my first undertaking: beach. The beach is clean and sand white. The water is beautiful, blue and the seaweed not overwhelming. The weather is perfect, sunny, 90's and a little breeze on the beach. With a mojito in my hand and the sun slowly descending, I'm looking forward to my first night out in the Bahamas.

The worst thing I know is a smelly, obnoxious, drunk, pissed-off tourist. If just one of those adjectives wasn't bad enough, the three together is a lethal combination. My goal is to never be one of those combinations. Unfortunately, on my first day in paradise, I had a run-in with the worst kind. One who had baked under the sun for hours while sucking down dozens of margaritas, countless rum drinks, and god knows what else.
If you are wondering why the sour face in paradise, just take a gander at the bar scene behind me...
One who had not taken a shower in at least three days. One who was so aggressive that he decided to flip us his swelled-up, red middle-finger just because we dared to be having beers. He said he was from the south and there they only drink liquor, and that we must be Europeans since we drink beer. Hmmmm. The night only got better when he grabbed the karaoke-mic from the person singing and bellowed out something between a growl and a long burp. And unfortunately, his performance lasted for a whole song. He went on to the classic drunk-moves of trying to dance with people who don't want to dance with him, and challenging others' college education. Oh well, we spent the night dodging him, mostly successfully.

Our timeshare is called IslandSeas and is a mid-grade timeshare in Freeport, Bahamas.
Some local flavor, mon! Kalik is our favorite
Our condo is a roomy two bed-room unit with a small kitchen and a stove-top that shocks you every time you try to touch the controls. Makes dinner-time an interesting endeavor. Most of the electrical outlets in the walls do not work either. The huge flat-screen tv is definitely a welcome upgrade after the usual hotel-room tvs. The rooms are not cleaned very regularly - the cleaning crew operates on island time. We ran out of towels a few times, and could not get our hands on a mixer to make the strawberry daquiris we planned on drinking. Oh well, there was not a shortage of drinks. The showers are small and the bathrooms not very clean. The grounds are well maintained, and the landscape is pretty. The pool is moderately clean, but we spent most of our time frolicking in the ocean anyway. There are two bars: Coconuts, the pool bar and grill, and a small beach-bar. Coconuts hosts a nightly happy hour from 4 pm until 6 pm with two drinks for the price of one - a perfect excuse for double-fisting! Coconuts also has plenty of entertainment with karaoke nights, bands, and fire-dancing. All in all, definitely not the nicest place I have seen by far, but doable for a person who is not planning on spending much time inside anyway.
marksreynolds says:
Very good for you first time ;) Much better than mine which I deleted and rewrote a few times. It also took me a while to figure out the picture thing too.
Posted on: Jul 29, 2008
TiinaTink says:
Awwwww, thank you! My first try. Hopefully it'll be a little easier...
Posted on: Jul 28, 2008
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If you are wondering why the sour …
If you are wondering why the sour…
Some local flavor, mon! Kalik is o…
Some local flavor, mon! Kalik is …
It gives you super powers.
It gives you super powers.
No comment needed
No comment needed
Crack is whacked
Crack is whacked
Too much beer? CC may need some ru…
Too much beer? CC may need some r…
Welcome to the Bahamas!
Welcome to the Bahamas!
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