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The plan!

At last, the moment I’ve been waiting eight months for is there: I’m off to Australia for six weeks! Well, my parents and sisters are tagging along so I won’t be on my very own. After all, they want to see my brother too! We’ll sorta pick him up in Australia ending his travels through Australia New Zealand and South East Asia. It must be sad times for him…


But the best for me! Six weeks of Aussie-culture, Aussie-landscapes, Aussie-food and Aussie-life: Six weeks of Aussimeness! Plan is to start in Adelaide for a double family reunion: I’ll meet some relatives who moved to Australia a long time ago and see my brother again after being separated for eight months.

Following up is a flight to Alice Springs to do some desert survival in the Red Centre and visit the holy rock Uluru (a.

My gatweway to Australia
k.a. Ayers Rock).

Next on the list is Darwin to see some of Nature’s beauty in Kakadu National Park and the Katherine Gorge and after that we’ll of course spend some time in Darwin itself as there’s quite a bit of history to the city.

From Darwin we’ll make our way to Australia’s biggest city Sydney which one simply can’t miss out on. There we probably can’t miss out on World Youth Day which happens to coincide with our stay in Sydney. And that’s where I’m only halfway my six week trip!

In the following three weeks my family and I will fly form Sydney to Brisbane from where we’ll travel north to Cairns. Last objectives there are learning to surf and seeing some of the world’s tropical rainforests still intact.

The airline. This is no advertisement people!
Once in Cairns I’ll need tol brush off my diving skills on a three-day diving fest in the Great Barrier Reef. This will then be followed by another party in Palm’s Grove (just north of Cairns) as I’ll celebrate my birthday there. That’s where my six weeks of Australia will end and I’ll have to return to Amsterdam again.


But before my adventure starts, I have to pack… Oblivious to what a task that is, I only start packing on the day of my flight… I soon realize it’s quite hard to pack for a country with at least three different climate zones while still keeping my amount of luggage to a limit. Strange enough, I end up with the lightest bag of the family packed in the least time. It wasn’t all good times though as my lateness caused some stress and irritation with my family. I reckon that’s just part of the travelling: You’re never a 100% prepared for what’s coming and there’s always a last minute thing you have to take care of.


We head off to the airport and find we are still on time to check in. But before long, another problem rises. My sister’s visa hasn’t been applied for properly/the lady behind the counter can’t spell right. Sigh. After some forty minutes we’re finally able to proceed to customs which takes some time as well. Double sigh! People what is taking you so long!? I just want to start my holiday!


But once I stand in front of the gate that’ll allow me to start my trip to Australia I’ve already forgotten about all the hassle we had to go through. I suddenly realize six weeks is the longest time I’ve ever been away for and I got quite some things ahead of me. With my mind set on Hong Kong as a first stop I enter the plane and think: “Let the adventure begin!”

wbboy29 says:
Dude I am SO JEALOUS!!! Australia is my #1 dream country to visit. Thanks for sharing your adventure. :~)
Posted on: Sep 08, 2008
metroguy says:
Okay! dude,let me hear your adventure in the other side of the world.I want to read some humor in your blog :-)D
Posted on: Sep 02, 2008
Ape says:
Posted on: Aug 01, 2008
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The plan!
The plan!
My gatweway to Australia
My gatweway to Australia
The airline. This is no advertisem…
The airline. This is no advertise…
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