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After deep consideration, i decided to take 1 month vacation to travel and my first place will be 4th time to be there..but pretty nice.  took CI104 from Taipei to Tokyo at 2:15pm and arrived there at 6:25pm on July total 3 hour and 10 minutes.  after arriving in Narita airport, my cousin and I choose to take Keisei express 1,000 yen nto Nippori..then trasfer subway to the Mejiro station which we stay.  It's a home stay own by Taiwanese and a new very clean.  only 8,000yen for double room and not far from station. as it's too late when we arrived only went to supermarket to buy something to eat and then take a rest for preparing next day's trip.

July 4, since i have been to Tokyo for many times..but this was my cousin's first time i decide to take her to visit some famous place. we bought 1 day subway pass ticket 710 yen to go to Ikebukuro, Ginza, Asakusa, Sensoji Temple, Hibiya Park, Tokyo tower, Harajuku, Omote-sando, Takeshita Street, Meiji Shrine, Shibuya and then back to our hotel.  Ikebukuro has lots of shop and department; Ginza has more department store and more modern; Sensoji Temple - lots of tourist and it's worth to visit..start from the Kaminarimon, then lots of traditinal shop, after that to the temple..pretty nice. ; Hibiya Park - the park that located in the's like central park in NY..but much smaller; Harajuku, Ometo-sando, Takeshita Street, Shibuya are all good places for shopping and can see lots of young people there; Meiji Shrine is my favorite in Tokyo.

.you can take a walk there and not lots of tree with good air quality..also you can see some japanese have traditional wedding there..the funny thing was that as i walked too much that i brought a slipper with i changed my heels to slipper while walking in the Meiji shrine..and when i took pics i changed the slipper back to high heels again..suddenly, one french guy saw me doing that..he thought that was funny and laughed...then when i finished the photos taking..i tried to changed high heels to slipper i'm able to walk well..i pay attention to see if somebody around me...then i tried to change that in another door(more secret)..i can't believe that french guy saw me again..kinda embarrassing.  then he invited me for a drink..but i refused..not good i think.

July 5, met Carlos for classmate from winnipeg which i haven't seen for many years.

.it's always good to see old friend again. However we don't know what to we decided to eat in KFC..but that KFC was nice with comfortable not bad...then at cousin and I went to Shinjuku and Yotsuya...we was planning to go a little shopping in Shinjuku before meeting my cousin's friend's uncle..however while we arrived Shinjuku, we found that we forgot to bring the gift which still on the place we we took subway to our place again..then to Yotsuya i was unable to buy the fancl stuff that i wanted to buy in Shinjuku..bought that from 7-11 instead..a little expensive..but ok:)  We ate Italian food at Caoricciosa..pretty good Italian resturant...then head back.

July 6 - woke up..then took subway to Ueno station..then Keisei express to Narita airport....and took CO8 from Tokyo to New York at 4:35pm..arrived New York at 12 hours and 55 minutes..





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photo by: maka77